Oh, My Stella

Yeah I had something stellar to post today and wont you believe it, its plum gone out my head. Not much life stuff to update. We finally went out and got some groceries so CHEESE IS IN DA HOUSE YALL. Wiggedy wack. Gonna make some I dunno, nachos or someshit later on maybe. Life is full of possibilities when a girl has cheese. Its rainy out and the sky’s getting dark, Im not wearing any pants. Life is good.

Im starting to plan my halloween costume. A very serious affair, as you must know. I laid in bed last night and for hours just spewed out ideas while Cory grunted in delight or disgust and then irritation and then anger and then the physical abuse started and it was time for Karas SleepyTime.

These are my top 5, thus far.

1. The Man Eyed Lady (Me, with glasses with mens eyes taped where the lenses are)

2. Fascist Dictator of North Korea and Supreme Commander of the Korean Peoples Army, Kim Jong Il (me, hair slicked back and dyed black, military shirt and a bag of nukes)

3. Kim Jong Il as James Bond (Me, hair slicked back and dyed black, fake tuxedo shirt, bag of nukes, a martini and I will routinely order Hot Chicks to be making out with me)

4. An elbow macaroni

5. That little girl in V for Vendatta who wears the Guy Fawkes mask and gets shot while shes spray painting and wall and incites the riots

I know, any of these would conjure more than enough spook and specter, but I want to be thoroughly chilling.. Ill think of it yet.

Stuff for you!

I have a whole half a pumpkin cheesecake in my fridge, someone please come help eat this motherfucker.

And heres some Talking Heads.

And this Interpol song I heard along time ago and forgot about and just found again now looking for the Talking Heads and it rocks so much. Also sounds a lot like the pixies.. hmm..


Mmm, the Goonies!

Now, Im off to make pina colada popsicles!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Oh, My Stella”

  1. i definitely think you should go for the Kim Jong Il as James Bond. that’s a winner. plus i think it would be hilarious to see you making out with “hot chicks” but too bad one of those hot chicks wont be meeeeeeeeeee! hahahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahadamn i’m funny.

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