This ain’t no Rodeo.

Actually it is. I lied, I’m a liar.

It is my immense pleasure, the kind that you see another person having and look away awkwardly at the time but think back on it later when you’re alone, to introduce….



Or if you do prefer. And you just may. Thats alright.

It seems to be a mishmash of poetry, reviews of children’s television programming and ABSOLUTE MAYHEM. Also her catchphrase is “The Rodeo is a Go-eo”.


In an unrelated but equally as thrilling note, we have mice. Well, a mouse. In the closet. Sometimes. Don’t freak out. The one-eyed kitten is a Vicious Hunter Killer of Death Dying and shes keeping an eye on things, so I feel safe. Haha.. an eye.. cause thats all the eyes shes got. Thats why her name is what it is…

I ate some tiramisu earlier it was great.

Thats all really.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

One thought on “This ain’t no Rodeo.”

  1. with “bull in leather” as her URL i have a serious concern that she is going to get spam from the lesbian domination scene.Other than that though, haha, I love it.

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