Creepying Von Slungriness

I miss learning things. Ive been out of a school type environment so long that it feels like everyday little bits of my brain are crumbling and falling away into nothingness. It’s like Fantagia. Ya know, from The Never Ending Story. Ya know, the 1985 International Fantasy Award Winner? The second one starred acclaimed actor Jonathan Brandis as the troubled teen who is sucked into a fantasy world upon discovering a mysterious book? He was so sexually attractive. Now hes dead. Not as sexually attractive. God he had eyes like the brilliant azure sky, and his hair! By Christ, blonde and feathered. A 12 year old adonis, to be sure. Damn it, Brandis!
Anyway, so now I’m dumb and have a hard on for a dead 12 year old boy. Alas. I can’t remember what I was originally going to write about here. I think it was going to get to talking about portmanteaux in a roundabout kind of way. Now I am distracted by a hazy recollection of already having written a blog about Jonathan Brandis. Do I perhaps have a dangerous obsession with this mortified moppet of golden hair and flawless skin? Eeeee… I wouldn’t blame me if I did. Hot T.

Oooou Im so bad!

I went home to Barrie for a few days this week and made cookies with me Pa. Quite Good Fun. We made a couple batches of chocolate chip and some brown sugar shortbreads with orange chocolate tops. Very nice. I got out my Nan’s cookies and cakes recipe collection and flipped through it for a while. It is like the Bible of Christmas. I can taste every recipe in it just by seeing it. Each one has little notes about how successful it was in my Nans handwriting. Apple Streusal Coffee Cake, almond crescents, shortbreads, sugar cookies, thumbprint cookies, gingerbread mmmmm. Im excited to do some baking, my apartment is so small though. I dont even know if I own a cookie sheet… I think I do…. Yeah, I do. I have big plans to make truffles this December, despite The Great Truffle Debacle of 05′. We’ll see.

I dont really have anything too interesting to share with you guys today. Havent been doing too much. Dont even have some music I dont think. Maybe tomorrow will be more fruitful. Mmm, fruit. Bye.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

9 thoughts on “Creepying Von Slungriness”

  1. amanda, how can you have never seen the never ending story?!dont worry kara, i’ve had a hard-on for brandis ever since the first time i saw that movie. but you should know that because we both have excellent taste in celebrities (i.e. the christian bale…mmmmm…i watched little women the other day…SO GOOD!).

  2. I was always afraid that if I watched it I would be there forever because it would never end!! And it didn’t look like the kinda movie that I wanted to watch forever!

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