Die SinterKLAUZ

I want beer and nachos all over me. Really I want whiskey, but I think that would burn.

Im going to start a weekly blog thing where I share with you a quote made by a popular and famous sexy model lady. It will be called:

Karalalala’s WEEKLY MODEL BlahBlahBlah’s

This weeks quote comes from Hiedi Klum, or Ol’ Krautface, as she prefers to be called. Keep in mind that this is to be read in a hilarious comedy German accent like Uter on the Simpsons. This is how she talks. To help you out I will spell things as phonetically accurate as I can.

“Vhen I kommenzi to die New America, I vas really into all ze zings people zat zay eat here, ya? I start to eat die muffins and die brownies and zose yummy-innen-meine-tummy caramel chocolate zings, ya? People you know, zey called me MUFFIN! It is because of I vould be eating all ze muffins all ze time!
“Hey Muffin, vhats up?”

– Heidi Klum

Ha ha ha, god in himmel, what a woman! Du kannst mir sehr gefallen, kleine kuchen!

Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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