I want a bubble pipe to puff and blow on while I sit here waxing philosophical and watching some internet porn. But just try to find one. I’m sure an Emporium would have one. I got a good deal on pillows today at the Home Hardware, because the cat shat all over ours. Thats not why I got a good deal thats just why I took them up on it. They are puffy and Im sitting on them. The pillows, not the salesmen. Though one of them was pretty puffy. Anyway humans share the same basic skeletal and muscular structure, thusly fit people all look the exact same. Puffy people are works of majesty, to play audience to the interplay between forms so finely sculpted over years by their masters and gravity is one of the best things. Puffiness makes us unique forms. Podge is I, I am Podge. Hear Podge Roar! What Ho! I hover a comical amount of inches above most things in this apartment. I feel as though I am on a throne. Its exciting. I Pose.

I should probably just apply to university……. even though it gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach. I do miss learning. If I wait until 2009 to go to school Ill be 24 years old. Ill be nearly 30 before I finish. Disgusting. I need God, a god, any god, to turn into a bush and tell me to build a boat or something. Help!

Help! Help! Help!

Whatever I choose the rest of my life will be spent working. What a suckfest.

Theres lots of commotion the the hall, an ambulance and firetruck outside. Theres a girl crying in the hallway. She says “he’s laying on the floor” and “he’s dead.” There is a brother and sister, young, who live on our floor in apartments across from one another. They do their laundry together and eat dinner together. I hope its not them.

Shelby Sifers – Six Refills of Coffee.mp3


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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