The Day Before

*scholar scholar scholar*

Holy smokes, I cant believe my first day of school is tomorrow!! Waaaahhhhhhh

It’s wholly strange, having to go to school again, for some reason. I’m so, feckin, excited. I just wish my first class at chef school wasn’t going to be math. But then thats followed by Intro To Wine so that should wash away any math brain abrasions I will have sustained in the 2 hours of extrapolation and quantifying. Wash it away with sweet burgundy joy…

Last night at midnight the Bro-Bot and I went on a mad hunt for nice bread so we could have a lazy day highlighted with delicious french toast, whipped cream and peaches. But everything that sells fresh bread is closed at midnight! Travesty. So we shall have to settle for peaches and pancakes.

C-Section got into a fight on his first night at The Courthouse. He was just at the hospital for ages waiting for his fellow bouncer who got schlogged in the noggin. Just kept repeating the same question for 4 hours aparently, forgetting that he had asked it. The fight broke up when C. whipped out his 21″ steel extendable baton and they scattered. Ya know, I made fun of him for buying that a couple of days ago, but thank god. Also it looks pretty fuckin badass, which is hot. So thats exciting..

Brother B and I went — HOLY FUCK THE KITTEN FUCKING STINKS. Holy jesus. Wow. An impressive waft. Wow. Maybe I should change her food… thats not a smell that should come out of such a small animal. Anyway. We went back to school shopping together, which was fun, and I got sweet new steel toe’d boots and a backpack with slots for my knives. I LOVE that my back to school supplies are steel toes shoes and knives. Won’t be afraid walking home up Sherbourne thats for sure. Actually I probably still will be…

Waiting in line at the grocery store carrying cumin, bananas, banana chips and soy milk Bobby randomly asked me what I was thinking about and I said “Sippy Cups. I saw a sippy cup, and just kept saying sippy cup in my head over and over for a little while. And then I laughed in my head to myself.” I thought it was an apt moment for him to ask. Good insight into my mind. An echoeous cavern.

Echoeous is a word! What the shit!

Anyway, thats whats been happening, just wanted to write it down so I could read it later and remember and chuckle and the ol’ memories being made. I’ll tell you how school went tomorrow. WOOOOOOHOOO


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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