Julienne More!

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Chubby Checker – Stoned In The Bathroom.mp3

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Man.. I have the alphabet stuck in my head. Thats fucked up shit. Christ its annoying. Every so often I catch myself singing quietly “pqrstuv.. w x y and z”.. GAH

Also. This Kitten is a problem. She’s so fluffy. I can’t handle it all the time. She’s always laying around with her paws flopped over her big old furry belly and I just cant help but grab her around the middle and shake her all about. I’m going to injure this cat. I see a fat belly, I want to grab it and shake it around. Megan brought her baby Kalie over yesterday and the whole time I was restraining myself from just lunging and grabbing this pretty little frog shaped bean of a baby by its belly and shaking it wildly to and fro. I just want to pick up these cute chubby things and throw them out the window. I just want to punt them like a football. It’s really not a good instinct. I would be a terrible monkey mom. I would just shake and shake my monkey babies until they got the Shaken Bacon Syndrome and died. Must be a messed up paragraph in the Romance novel that is my genetic code. Maybe I shouldn’t volunteer to babysit anytime soon.

I made more fruit salad today in class! That was great. I got 84% on my carrot cutting skills. Not too bad. I peeled my finger. Too bad. I have 4 litres of fruit salad in my fridge. And 7 bags of expired French chocolate covered marshmallow bears in my fridge from work. It’s just a lunatic amount marshmallow and diced fruits happening here. Someone come eat these with me! NOW

What else… uhhh nothing, really. Tomorrow is the Cabbagetown Festival, and I’m working, so its gonna be fecking crazy.

I’m thinking of cutting my hair short for school. Not short short, more like mid nineties teen heart throb Devon Sawa short. Yeah I think I can reclaim that look for myself. That creamy skin, that rogueish smile.. ah to be 13 again..

OH ALSO I’m learning about all these awesome places to go and eat baked goods and icecream, being in a class of 20-40 sweet addicts. I’m compiling a list and sometime this month I will post it, along with websites and addresses.

Sneak Peak:

The Marble Slab

The girls in class told me you go into this place, and theres mixings and fixings and chocolate everywhere. You pick your flavour of icecream, which is just icecream– like the rocky road is chocolate and vanilla or whatever, the bubblegum is just pink–and THEN you pick all these things from the walls, your nuts your chocolates your god knows, sourballs and shit, and THEN

Heres where it gets fucking wild.

They take your icecream and smear it willy nilly all over this marble slab. And you’re standing there watching, worried, panicking thing wtf are they doing with my icecream.. and they pile all your fixings on, and then mix it all up with metal spatulas and stick it on your cone! Its apparently the only way to eat icecream.

Awesome. I feel a Road Trip to New Market coming on..

ALSO I have found my Halloween Costume.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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