Back like Jamaican Bacon!

Hi. Hi there. Hello. o. o. o.

Remember me? Kara? La la la? Etc?

Yeah, it’s me. Perhaps you had given up hope, or hoped I had given up, but I have returned to you, Blog o’mine!

It’s a beautiful day!

Actually it’s not, its -31 fucking degrees out and Im sitting here faced with the very real possibility of having to deal with going out into that bright, loud, frozen urban hell. All I own is t-shirts. So I’ve put my warmest one on, anyway. It has a rocket ship on it and a bit of fire graphics happening down around the upper naval area so that is pretty toasty. Gahhhh

So yeah, I guess I should address the fact that Ive fucked off for oh about, two months? Well I won’t because I dont have to explain myself to you peasents.

Things I have learned in the last couple of months.

  • How do say “hello” “goodbye” and “6” in Tamil.
  • That Mexico is quickly becoming the most dangerous part of the Caribbean.
  • Barfing noodle soup out your nose hurts like a motherbitch.
  • Exercise is hard, eating cake is much easier.
  • Drinking beer before class is great.
  • I’m very good at beating large blocks of frozen butter into flat disks with a large tube of wood. So if you ever need your butter beaten, je suis votre fille!
  • Don’t eat lobster brains, the black dots will make you very sick.
  • It is very hard to imagine reality as a series of one dimensional oscillating lines without getting paranoid and reading celebrity gossip websites to calm down and refocus. Lilly Allen has a third nipple OMG!
  • I’m 24 now! Thats new!

So that about brings you up to speed!

Here is a song that is nice and relevant to the time being.

Hands in Pockets – Laura Gibson

Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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