Ox Time!


My Sunday was spent somewhere in the jungles of North York with my chum Jordan doin’ all sorts of crazy things as kids as we may do. We wandered through this giant Chinese Mall- The Pacific Mall- and pretty much just ate every random neat sounding sweet thing we saw. INCLUDING but not restricted to…

– Moomin’ fruit candies

– Grape KitKat bars

– Dragon Beard candy: kind of like cotton candy if it were made of white thread

– Honeysuckle and Chrysanthemum tea

– Chinese soy juice boxes

– Bubble Tea ooouu sexy sexy!a

– A fine assortment of buns

– Glutinous rice products of various colours and descriptions

Ah it was a fine time indeed. The sugar is still whirling around in my bloodstream a full day later. We had lunch in a very busy food court with specials like “sharks fin and sea cucumber”- awesome. Later we ate a little snack of ice cream balls beside an old woman. I was tempted by illegal pirated dvds but was not moved to commit a felony for the latest Guy Pierce RomComDramedy. The man just has a strange face, it’s all I’m saying. Is this a handsome?


What was I saying.. Oh yes. There was a store that just sold miniature clay versions of popular dishes such as very tiny bowls of rice and prawns and minuscule steamed rice buns. And so many babies! The hardest thing was trying to walk around the mall while hundreds of thousands of Chinese babies raced around my feet and old ladies pushed me along out of their way. Okay it that didn’t happen so much. I just like visualizing that.

Anyway, it was an awesome day. Now I am off to eat a piece of cake and sit on my cat!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

5 thoughts on “Ox Time!”

  1. Also, Cory, I didnt buy your steamer cause it was moldy like your brain. We shall just have to take a trip to that housewares store in China Town! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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