Nice’n Squeezy

Hello my little gift boxes of butts.

Miss me?

Yeah I miss me too.

Its a very mild day outside. I would go out on a limb and say its freshness is vaguely spring like. But that limb is budless and birdless so I won’t bother. Ive been in the kitchen with my hair wrapped in a fancy scarf that came free with my tub of becel margarine, chopping veggies and listening to music with every window open. Its very pleasurable. Days like this I get the itch for patios and beer. I think its the slight hint of grass smell in the air. Either from the ground or from other open windows.

AND as I sit here, now, this moment in time, contemplating, munching a singular sugar snap pea, I was struck with the sudden desire to blog a bit. So here goes.

Updates on me cuz I know y’all are just begging on your knees to know:

I’m now a for real life pastry cook now at an expensive downtown restaurant owned by a somewhat Canadian version of a celebrity chef. Home of the $36 hamburger. Nice one. I guess Ive been able to call myself a pastry cook for a while but it never really felt right.

My partner in crime is down under these days, fighting the penguin race on behalf of mankind. While simultaneously conducting an in depth analysis of the islands fish and chips situation.

The one eyed kitten head butted her way into the bathroom while I was peeing the other day and has been giving me the stink eye ever since. Although it could be just that she has one eye and I’m imagining things. Either way one of us no longer trusts the other completely.

What else.. oh!

I got a new apron in the mail from Cory’s mom! Her friend Janice is learning to sew.



I know you are, as it is funky as Jesus Christ. And that motherfucker invented Disco. On the CROSS. True story. Look it up.

Also I have been working like a capital B. AugGhh. Oh well, I’m so much less poor now! Hurrah! I can afford to keep myself in all the finest luxuries. I am buying my hummus in the tub instead of pureeing it myself. That’s right. Store bought.

Oh my. Now I know Canada must have just won the gold because the ENTIRE city just errupted in hoots, hollers, woos, airhorns and every car in the place is driving around honking like madmen! Thats amazing. The entire neighborhood is screaming. Go Canada.

I’m off to make myself a nice fish supper.



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Nice’n Squeezy”

  1. Hey! HEY! Im not here to provide some dubious mexican with his or her jollies! How about some quid pro quo here, hombre? How about YOU give ME some excitements when the days are down! HUH! COME ON!

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