Last Days of Ponkm

This is my small pumpkin, Ponkm. He's recently been diagnosed with Spots Disease and wont be around much longer. So he decided to take a bunch of pictures with his friends before he goes.
This is Ponkm's best dude friend, Chuppy. They get into some crazy shit together. Chuppy enjoys writing slash fiction and drinking Grand Marnier. He recently shaved off his afro haircut and immediately regretted it.
This is Ponkm's girlfriend, Kitten Mug. She and him enjoy tea and cakes together while Chubby gets shitfaced on Grand Marnier. Eventually he gets fighty and has to be subdued in the mug for the rest of the evening.
Family portrait of Pepper Squirrel holding a passed out Chuppy. One of Ponkms favourite shots.

And this is the rest of the gang. Sparky the robot, Tetley dog, Pottery Poodle, and check it out Wigglebott 5000 brought CHIPS! Party’s on y’all!
And this is the one Ponkm will miss most. This is Lady Gram and she takes care of Ponkm. She gives him all kinds of important life advice like how to make pie crusts and to wear clean underwear when youre riding your motorcycle so the doctor doesn’t get upset over your SKID MARKS

Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

4 thoughts on “Last Days of Ponkm”

  1. Hahah omg! I love them all!! I wish I hadnt left Ponkm at home T-T I miss the lil guy, but his Spots Disease was pretty far gone and I didnt think he could handle another journey. Alsooo that beef dish looks really yummy!

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