Ponk Chomp Denim

In anticipation of working on this blog more often, we decided to see what it is going to be like taking pictures in our tiny, ill lit, apartment kitchen. So CB took some pictures while he made us our favourite regular dinner. Beautiful thick butterfly pork chops, green beans cooked in lots of butter and honey and almonds and onions caramelized in the bits of goodness left in the pan. Hot Dang.

Allow me now to narrate the story of our dinner as prepared by my boyfriend CB!

The first thing he does is heat up our trusty, well seasoned cast iron pan in the oven set to broil. When its literally smoking hot he takes it out and throw in some bacon rind that we have kept in the freezer and a nice pat of butter.

When the fat has melted off the rinds he scoops’em out and throw in the chops with a little salt and pepper.

He leaves them til they start browning on each side. Flip them over and then throw them in the oven, still set at top heat.

Armed with his trusty fingers and kitten mug of tea, he snaps off the pointy tough bits off the beans.

Melts some butter.

Throws in the clean green beans with a drizzle of honey, a dusting of salt and a handful of almonds.

He then takes the chops out of the oven, puts the pan of beans into the oven and lets the broiler do the work while he prepares to caramelize the onions. Putting the beans on the bottom, and keeping the honey and almonds on top toasts the almonds while the beans cook. When theyre done (slightly snappy and bright green) take them out and give them a good stir.

He moves the chops aside to rest. Throw a roughly sliced globe onion or two into the sizzly hot pan fond. He scrubs the good bits off the bottom of the pan. And then swaps it again– take the beans out and put the onions under the broiler.

Three swaps and two pans later, we have dinner!

Price: $10 in chops, $2 in beans, $2 in almonds, $2 in onions = 8 bucks a person with a chop left over for breakfast

Time: 30 minutes or less

Healthiness: A tbsp pork fat and 2 tbsp butter and lean pork chops = very good!

This is our standard healthy meal and helped to cure me of the plights of vegetarianism and the resulting anemia!

As for the photographing, no more photographing meals in the gloaming. Lighting is tricky in a small apartment kitchen with no windows, so we are just going to have to start having a lot more elaborate lunches so we can show more good, well shot meals on here.





Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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