Meatballs, Meatballs, MEATBALLS!

Lately… and I don’t know what it is exactly… perhaps the shift in the weather.. more likely a shift in brain chemistry..  but I have become insane.

Insane for meatballs.

Last week I managed to eat meatballs almost every single day. I even had an embarrassing uncontrollable moment in a Subway where I had them scoop me out a footlong subs worth of meatballs into a soup cup so I could run greedily home with them like a hungry little Gollum. I was so pleased I managed to get away with such a glorious coup that I sang out “meatballs, meatballs, MEATBALLS” in a long, sustained, emotionally charged aria in the middle of the street, causing the man behind me to switch sidewalks. Fucking meatballs, they just please me.

Here’s how I make mine!

Mmm Bacon. Step 1 for making the meatballs, makin’ the bacon! Cast iron is your best friend when it comes to frying up some delicious belly bits! Set your oven to broil, preheat, and pop these guys on the lowest rack.
Gather up all your ingredients. In this case, meat, eggs, mayonnaise, hot sauce and parmesan cheese. The meat is 2/3 lean beef, 1/3 pork!
Cook your bacon! 10 minutes-ish depending on your oven. Just go till their crispy!
Don’t forget to save the bacon fat! I keep a jar in the fridge and freezer and just use it instead of butter! Yeah I know, not so great for you, but butter is expensive man!
Chop chop!
Put it all in the mixer and BLEND IT LIKE CRAZY! Until its nice and smooth and pink. Ooooh Yeeeeah
Make a ball! Do it again! Do it all kinds of times! Until you have a whole bunch of balls on your hands. Had to do it.
Bake them. 10 minutes at fully cranked 500 degree oven to make sure they get nice and crispy on the outside. Then 5-10 minutes at 375. Then we took them out and throw them in that left over beef cheek gravy . Ohhhhhh babyyyyyy