Pussy Willows. My parents neighbors took a chainsaw to their 50+ year old pussy willow tree this morning. The roots were in danger up uprooting their house. My dad distracted him with science trivia and racially insensitive jokes while I snuck over and borrowed a pair of snips from the guy and stole a few branches to make a bouquet for my mum.

A wee empty birds nest I found in a tree in the front yard here. They’ve insulated it nicely with tufts of white cotton batting!

Oscar, giving me a suspicious look after trying to trick me into chasing him all over soggy wet dog poop grass in my socks.

Somewhere in that tangle of branches is a little red breasted spring bringer.

Out the back at my grams cottage. Birch trees and frozen ice. Yesterday we spotted a bald eagle crossing over that lake. What took him 5 leisurely flaps of his wings would be a half hours boat ride for us to span the same distance over Quirke lake.

Kristy scavenged some moss from the forest to plant around the little pond my mum has in the garden. This one is super dead, but the living stuff was bright green with wee red flowers and was particularly attractive, for a moss.

And my favourite part of warm weather, dinner outside! We had steak, tiny pink shrimps in warm garlic butter, asparagus, tomatoes sprinkled with basil, garlic bread and potato salad. Strawberries and coffee for dessert. Mmm-mm.



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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