We made it to NZ!

We’ve been in New Zealand for one week, officially. In that week we’ve got a phone, a bank account, sorted out a place to live for the next 5-6 months, worked a job for one day, and bought a car! A “sweet as” camper van! Wooo!

This is our little Lucida. She’s a Toyota. From JAPAN. 4 cylinder 2.5L automatic with full time all wheel drive! It has a fold out queen size bed in the back, and came with tents and tarps and chairs and a portable stove top with pans and blankets and maps and the works. It has a sun roof AND star gazing roof, power windows mirrors and doors AND electric curtains! WOooO. We bought it off a couple of german backpacking architecture students, and it was so obvious by the fastidiousness of the bed set up. Its plywood and two by fours but its very well engineered. Im pretty in love with it. We’ve already had a sleepover in it! Eating cheese and crackers and listening to the radio like a couple of hip young people.

It took  a little bit to get used to driving on the opposite side of the road, but CHRIST its fun to drive here. Winding hilly roads with 80km/h speed limits. Fun. And CB holding on for dear life screaming “WATCH YOUR LEFT” every 5 1/2 minutes. Heh… heh.. with the addition of an awesome new GPS she’s pretty much perfect.

Right now we’re staying with the most wonderful Abel family in the most beautiful Waitekere. That up there is what Waitekere looks like on a frosty morning.

And this is what Waitekere looks like on a rainy afternoon. Pretty nice.

We’ve been in the city centre, through small towns, up and down mountains, to the beach and in the country side in our little van. My favourite part of every day is eating new things. Gails amazing lunch spreads of various breads and cheeses and 5 or 6 jars of things like  pickled beets and gherkins and almond butter with fresh tomatoes and avocados. We’ve eaten butter chicken pies with our toes buried in hot black volcanic sand beside the ocean. We’ve had hamburgers with beets & egg at a road side cafe in the misty morning rain. We’ve slurped down a gargantuan pile of BBQ pork noodles at a grotty but great chinese take out in Avondale. And we’ve shared green-lipped mussels by the kilo with blue cheese and a copious amount of Belgian beer in the middle of the city.

Its been a nice first week. Can’t wait for the next one!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

3 thoughts on “NZ!”

    1. Thanks! My jaw is getting sore from perpetually gaping in awe at every giant fern and pretty little parrot and delicious bakery I see, but Im sure I’ll get used to it eventually. Its pretty great here.

      1. Must say I get blown away by the beauty here when I think I’ve seen everything, I find something new to wonder at on my travels, we are so very lucky!!
        I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂

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