Week End in Auckland

Our van is still at the car hospital so we are without transportation. BOO!

So we hiked it to the train station and spent the last 2 days in the city having walking adventure times!

Auckland Harbour

Gail is an amazing, AMAZING cook, but strictly vegetarian so the first thing we did was find meat. The meatiest meat possible. We found a fancy steak house with an entrance off an alley way, where you pick your own steak and then hand it to a cook who grills it up. CB went caveman on a gigantic 2 inch thick T-Bone with garlic mushrooms. I had a scotch fillet that was a lot smaller but super tasty, with lots of pickled beets and spinach salad and a glass of the cheapest wine because we are classy grown ups.

Angus Steak House. 8 Fort Lane, Auckland

After we had satiated our yearning for blood, we checked into a cheap backpackers hotel, dropped all our stuff and went to see Dark Shadows. It was pretty good, funny, and everyone else in the theatre was busting a gut, which I found funnier than the actual happenings on screen.

Tanuki Cave Yakitori & Sake Bar, 319 Queen St., Auckland

And THEN we went and had a late night dinner at a sake bar called Tanuki Cave. Ya know, like the Tanuki suit, from Super Mario! The fat raccoon suit! And yes we chose to dine there solely based on the  connection.



It was one of the best meals of my life. I had this drink that was called “sparkling jelly plum wine drink” and it was actually exactly as described. It was like fruit white wine with lots of bubbles, and slightly thick like jelly. Highly drinkable.  We shared a plate of tiny, beautifully presented appetizers and salad sprinkled with gem-like roe. We had beautiful thinly sliced sashimi of raw salmon and tuna, scallops wrapped in pork belly, OH and this fillet of salmon that was covered in this miso and cheese substance that was one of the best things Ive ever eaten in my life. Who would have thought salmon + cheese = socks off amazingness. Mm. Cory ate a bowl of raw octopus mixed with wasabi and yuzu, and I ate octopus doughnuts!

Auckland Harbour

Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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