Barmy Slurples Wig Shame

Preparing for camp time adventures is fun! It means trips to the discount clothing store for warm clothes and even better, trips to the army surplus store for cheap, rugged adventure necessities. We hit Save Mart in New Lynn and I got a plaid wool pullover and some warm pants that zip off into shorts. I goaded CB into trying on a red plaid jacket which just happened to fit him impeccably, so now we look like a couple of jolly ol Canadian Lumberjack Stereotypes. Woo! I also got a shirt so sweet it makes me want to roar in agony at the all consuming awesomeness. It has a dragons face on both the front AND back, aaahhhh so awesome! And the dragons mouth is on my breastular area so it makes it look like its got chubby cheeks! BAD ASS.

I also got told off by a nice ginger kiwi girl for trying on the colourful piles of wigs they had in a bin which caused me a momentary feeling of shame and embarrassment with my plaid jacket pulled halfway up my tum and a green afro sideways on my frightened head.


We ate some pies. I had cheesy mince chili bean and CB had chicken & kumera and we shared a Pash Pop or something like that. It from was from PIE OH MY and it was so delicious. We are learning that CB can make friends with anyone by making jokes about how he is larger than regular size, people seem to find that endearing. Moving on!

We hiked it over to Kiwi Disposals, which is apparently the South Pacifics largest army surplus provider. We grabbed a couple of waterproof packs that are French Army issue, one large for the sleeping bags and portable gas stove, and one small one for me to carry our food in. I also got CB an early birthday present. An awesome Daisy Sling Shot! We spent about an hour out back shooting rocks from the driveway at random recyclables. It was much fun, and we learned I am a really shit shot. CB did a nice dent in a bean can after 50 or 60 rocks, though.

Here are a few of the things we are bringing with us on our hikes. Mostly things that stab and things that burn, and containers for those things. Its going to be a fun trip. Right now I’m compiling a list of good hike foods. I want the most caloric density per oz. So that means…


Im just going to fill my bag with cadbury fruit n’ nut bars and chubs of baloney. Mmm MM. Im also going to make a batch of  granola bars and some chocolate chip cookies. As we’ve been finding out you burn a lot of calories trudging up and down hills all day. I came here in size 16 pants, 3 weeks later Im in size 12s! I’m hoping this trip taking walks around the country will cancel out the need for a gym membership. Soon I will be flexoring my rumpling muffels and bums of steel…

Afraid of it?

Here’s some of the stuff we’re taking!

French Army 30-50L pack
French Army 20L pack
Cheap Towels!
Exciting British Military Issue ground covers yayyy
Gas Burners x 2
CB and I both have our douk douk knives. One big and one little!
Sweet Austrian lighter. You can pull out the flame like a wee bullet and use it to light things.
Sling Shot!
Super Strong Para Cord for .. tying to things? Rope is useful!
Sweet Brass Zippo

Also, a tent and that kind of stuff, ya know the way these things go. Goodnight!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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