Fairy Falls Walk

New boots! New boots! Ain’t they a beaut!

Lawrie took us around to the Blundstone Factory Seconds shop and I picked up these awesome hiking boots for $40!! Brand new! They’re so tough, and I love the steel toe cap. Rawr! Cory also got a pair, and now we’re ready to tackle the wilderness of NZ!

As soon as we showed up home in these bad boys we were keen to test them out by racing around the hills behind the house, but Gail had a better idea. She grabbed the dogs and stuffed all three of us in the car and we took off to Fairy Falls. It’s about a 15 minute drive from here up Scenic Drive (which is very scenic!).

Let me admit this now… I am extremely out of shape. Gail and Lawrie were jogging up the steps with two big dogs, Cory was keeping up, and I was a  mile away, red faced and panting, bringing up the rear. You couldnt even hear the falls over the sound of my breathing. It was pretty pathetic. It’s been a fair few months since Ive had to peddle my butt to work at 4am up those Toronto hills and my muscles are like cotton candy. We had no idea that it was such a serious walk. I guess waterfalls have to fall down something, which meant we had to walk down steep mountain trails for about 45 minutes. And then back up….. oh god.

Anyway, albeit for a couple of beer bottle cap sized blisters, I survived. And here’s some pictures! Is everyone sick of my poorly composed shots of lush greenery yet? Well too bad, suckers! There’s going to be a whole lot more coming up soon!

Is there anything happier in the entire world than a dog with a stick and a huge puddle?

It was a really fun walk, and gorgeous with the giant kauri trees and tui’s making their crazy R2D2 noises in the trees. But I got home SO hungry. Gail heated up some leftover pasta mixed with a leftover bean casserale, poached egg on top and some garlic toast. It was exactly what I needed after a trek like that.

ALSO! Good news. We got out van back! Just over 2 weeks in the shop. They had to replace the computer.. eergh.. Martin, the mechanic, is letting us have it over the weekend to make sure they got the problem sussed, which is great. It drove like a champ all the way home. There was a lot of smoke when we stopped though. A lot. But apparently that’s just oil leaking on to the exhaust, so, she goes back in monday for an oil change! YAY! But it looks like good news so far, and for a little bit cheaper than the grand we were quoted a few days ago. Things are looking up, but I’m way too nervous to be excited about it yet. Never know whats around the corner. However, it does mean we get to take it on a little driving test tomorrow, which means PICNIC AT BETHELLS BEACH! Woo hoo! An excuse to make small sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies. Yeeeeaaahhhh!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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