Beach Combers


Today we went to the beach!

It’s definitely awesome to be in a country where you can be walking barefoot on the beach in winter. We parked beside an area of tall trees where kids were getting horseback riding lessons on these skinny brown horses with unusual hair cuts. Then we walked a ways down a black sand road (only 4WD cars were allowed and I am not that confident that our Van is all better just yet) to Muriwai beach.

Its a gorgeous beach! 50km of unbroken black and gold sand beach with grassy dunes and the waves were mental today. Just on our short walk we saw kids riding their horses along the surf, dirt bikers flying around the dunes, very optimistic cyclists, 2 guys drinking beer with huge fishing rods cast far into the ocean, crazy people 4 wheel driving like lunatics all over the beach with their dogs racing behind them, and just people out for a walk. And a nice black lab was very excited to show off the rotting fish carcass he’d found. It was nice to see so many people enjoying so many different hobbies all in one place. The hobby I was engaging in was picking up shells and screaming in surprise every time the waves caught up with me on the beach and ran freezing over my toes. CB found me 2 tiny periwinkles! I’m going to send to send them home to my mum and sister, along with some coins from NZ, Fiji and Hong Kong and a variety of small presents.

We also tried to go to the Oratia Market but it was way too fancy pants for us. $10 watercress pesto fry bread! Waaah! Very nice stuff but too expensive for a couple of hobos like us. But tomorrow we are going to Avondale to get some fruit and veg, and maybe next week we’ll go to the Otara market and get some $2 fry bread with golden syrup mmmrmmmm, more my style. Ive been craving that since CB told me about it 2 years ago and Ive never even had it. Tomorrow night we are going to see Lucy Lawless sing at a grungy bar! Woohoo! I’m pretty psyched, seeing as Ive had a girl boner for Xena Warrior Princess forever. I think I would have made a way better Gabrielle… or more likely Joxer…

I’ll let ya know how that goes.








Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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