Mechanical Melancholy

Flat Whites and Doodles at Redwoods Cafe in Swanson, NZ

Sometimes it’s important to focus on the little things. Especially after expensive news from Mechanics. Le sigh. I am overwhelmed by the amount our crappy little van has cost us. About a year of saving, just to get it road worthy. Apparently superficially a great van with an awesome reputation for being a champion, but the total neglect and abuse by its previous owners have left some big problems. Oh well. We are going to have to snip a lot of things out from our major trip, but atleast we can still go. CB bought me coffee and pie and a chocolate bar, which will cure most sadnesses. We sat outside in the sun and spent an hour or so doodling and talking about our future cafe. It made me feel better. Tomorrow we get our van back, a lot of our savings disappears and we have to take it in to get the alignment looked at, which could be a whole other can of worms. I can’t complain too much, because of the generosity of the Abel Family we have a roof over our heads and awesome vegetarian foods to eat. Without them, we would be dead in the water over here.

So we walked home, and said hello to every dog we passed, and pet baby cows. When we got back I just wanted to bake away my sadness. Due to lack of butter and therefore a lack in point at all, had a wee middle of the day mope-nap. CB tinkered in the garage and made an awesome little safe box for our objects when we go on our trip. We still have a place to live until september. We still have this beautiful country to explore. It’ll be awesome.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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