The Artist Formerly Known as Xena covers Prince


Sundays are fun days. Yep, said it.

We had an action packed weekend! After our beach time adventuring, we spent Sunday at the market with Rosie! First we had to find free parking, and fill our faces with some $2 cheese & mince pies, and we were ready to go. Rosie does her weekly veg shopping at Avondale market and since CB and I dont have a kitchen, I mostly just buy small amounts of random fruits. I look forward to when we can pack up our bags full of cheap super fresh veg. I really wanted to buy a fish, because they are completely different to the kinds we get in Canada and SO CHEAP if you buy them whole. But alas. Instead I bought a kilo of tiny mandarin oranges and a bunch of tiny pears to eventually poach in red wine and eat on piles of vanilla ice cream. Mmm. CB bought a small axe for our camping endeavors and thusly had to walk around the rest of the day wearing his hiking boots, a red plaid jacket and an axe, like a proper lumberjack. It pleased me.

After market good times Rosie treated us to lavender lattes at Cosset in Mt. Albert. It was very hip and pretty and expensive. My warm milky lavender latte was delicious and relaxing. CB stuck to his flat white, as a lumberjack wouldnt be caught dead sipping a flower. Men like it straight up beans. I have plans to snip a bunch of the lavender from the hedge around the house and make some syrup. And to steep the flower heads in butter for a few hours and make shortbread because lavender + butter = so fine and tasty. Especially on a pile of vanilla ice cream. Bah! Dessert withdrawal! BUTTER!

Then we were off to a craft show at the community centre in Grey Lynn. This was a nice little trip because we hadnt been into Grey Lynn before. Its fancy.

As were the crafts. It was like etsy in real life! Despite the overwhelming compulsion to buy the felted ninja turtle dolls with huge googly eyes I restrained myself. After all there is no need for such extravagances when you’re wild and free living on the road with nothing but a cooler full of mandarin oranges and the wind in your hair!

And then came XENA!

Which took us to a pub in the middle of the city packed full of cologne, chest hair and whimsical eyeglasses, “outrageous” lesbians with GLUED ON mohawks and for some reason a large number of confused old ladies. CB and I stood awkwardly in a corner to watch the first act, which was a comedian from South Africa named Ursula who was actually pretty hilarious. Then Lucy Lawless came on stage head to toe in leather to do her bit.

And she was all:

And we were like:

And everyone else was like…

And we were like…

But it was pretty awesome to see Xena Warrior princess in real life, clad in leather. Lucy Lawless is a smoking hot mama, but I think Xena Warrior Princess was really the one who stole my heart… too bad! Interesting evening. They had us locked in like cattle and CB had to dickpunch our way out of the place, but we escaped! And then we went home! And then I ate a chocolate bar! And then, came the dreams…


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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