Windy Beach Bums

Bethells Beach

We got the van back!

Finally. It’s good to have the old girl back with us. It’s so lonely without her. It ended up costing a little less than we were expecting, which was quite a relief. And the mechanic said she should be good for a long time. Phew. Just gotta take her in to get her wheels aligned and we are going to be ready for our, quite a bit shorter, trip!

We took advantage of having transportation and decided to do a little trip out to Bethells beach and spend the afternoon getting our feet wet. We stopped for lunch in Ranui and got hoki fish and kumera chips for lunch, CB had an super tall chocolate milkshake and I had a cherry coke. Kumera makes amazing chips, sweet and crunchy and so good smothered in sour cream. We shared our chips with about a dozen seagulls and 4 or 5 sparrows. Eating fish and chips in the sunshine almost made up for the last couple of depressing days we’ve had here. We also stopped for some Somoan take out, a small container of pork belly & green beans with onions, and CB got a couple of ribs for the road. It smelled so damn good. I badly wanted panipopo coconut buns but they were all sold out. But mark me, one day soon I shall feast upon thee, panipopo, I SHALL FEAST UPON THEE!

Then it was off to the beach. The sun was shining but as we got closer to the beach the temperature slowly dropped and clouds rolled in.


Wind blowing the ocean spray over the rock faces made for a nice atmosphere. You could even see little balls of sea foam rolling quickly up the beach before disappearing into nothing.

Little sand dunes forming around shells. I showed commendable adult-level restraint in not collecting every single one.

Lifeguard tower with a turquoise storm looming behind it.

Down the beach.

Foamy toes. The ocean is a little bit nippy.

Stomping around in the ocean.

Our meandering tracks on the beach.


No bats, snakes, monster grasshoppers or murdlerers inside! Put in a colourful chaise, a sconce or two and I could live here.

Pretty little dunes.

We didnt stay long at the beach, it was pretty cold with the wind. And there was a lot of smashed car window glass on the ground in the parking lot so we were a bit nervous leaving Bula for too long. Knowing our luck we’d just get her fixed up and someone would steal her and set her on fire somewhere… guess our trip tomorrow will be to get some car insurance..




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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