Greasy Paws & Monkey Wrenches

This is CB’s birthday weekend!! What an old bastard! And what better way to kick off a birthday weekend by running around in a car graveyard. Rolling around in dirt, getting covered in shit and corruption and using a variety of wrenches! Today we found one of CB’s new favourite things in the world.. Pick A Part Car Wreckers in Avondale.

It’s just a yard full of broken ass piece of shit cars and you pay $2, bring a box of tools, and go and take what you want. We got 2 orange vests and went to work! There were 3 wrecked Toyota Lucidas and CB crawled right under the first one and proceeded to spend 45 greasy, profanity-fuelled minutes trying to unbolt a spare tire carriage from underneath this hulking turquoise mass of metal. I, being a super pro mechanic, jumped under the car to give it a go and VOILA! The bolt came right off! And so did the muffler, cause that is what I had just helpfully unbolted! *SUPERPRO* So we gave up and went to the next Lucida, and got a nice new non-rusted tire rack in about 5 minutes. And I found a little nob for our air conditioner panel! So we got all the little bits and pieces we needed for $18. Pretty cool.

Pretty accurate depiction of our entire afternoon.

Covered in sweat and grease we skipped back to the car, gleeful at finally having every part and having the car in great working order when CB tried to open his window, and it didn’t budge. Also, the lights in the back didnt bother turning on… so… one step ahead, one step back. He’s sure its just a fuse though…. we hope.

This is what I am really loving about New Zealand. It’s really set up for doing stuff yourself. People don’t look at you like a bloody lunatic for going to a auto wreckers with a wrench and getting what you need. Awesome.

When we got home I made some cups of tea and CB got the spare tire sorted under the van while I poached some pears for dessert tonight.

And then we went to visit Trevor and Marie to get the low down on the house sitting gig. We will be the proud caretakers of 10 sheep, a dozen ducks, 4 cows, 2 ancient kune kunes pigs Poppy and Caramel,  and 2 maniac poodles. My favourite so far is Roly the sheep. The Abels raised Roly from a baby because Rolys mom didn’t want him and kept rolling him down the hill away from her. Cute story about an awful thing. The sheep are very shy and stayed away from us, but Roly ran down the hill with us and then spent the rest of the time eating feijoas. I CANT WAIT!

Tomorrow we are having a camping sleepover in our van for CB’s birthday!

Our shiny van!

We spent 4 hours yesterday cleaning out the car. I washed it with a bucket of hot soapy water and a face cloth and then lovingly turtle waxed it. So beautiful, our Bula.

Look at all the safety! Fire extinguisher, extra vehicular liquids, tool box, first aid kit, blankets and flashlight for emergencies… we are nerds.

Oh! Also, to the only people who care (hi mom&dad, bill&arlene!) we spent yesterday getting car insurance. Insurance isn’t mandatory here but we got full covered for $44 a month and memberships for CB&I both to AA for $100 for the year. So now we we listen to our cool kid rock and roll music for too long and drain the battery while at the top of a mountain 1000km from the nearest human beings we just make a call and some poor bugger has to drive all the way up to sort us out! Or if somebody steals our van and sets it on fire, which sometimes happens apparently, we’re covered! So, if you’re in NZ, and you’re going to be driving, it’s well worth it to get insured. Apparently it will be around the same price to get CB insured on a motorcycle as well so that is very cool considering it was thousands of dollars in Canada. Yay NZ!

Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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