Rain, Rain, Go Away

View out our bedroom window onto the rainy backyard

Kind of a crap Tuesday.

It started out nicely enough, with CB and I sleeping in really late, snuggled into piles of electric blankets and extra pillows. We watched Star Trek and played a new game I made up due to not wanting to make breakfast, called “Well Guess What’s For Breakfast Then?”

CB: Make me breakfast, WOMAN!



ME: Well… then, guess whats for breakfast?

CB: What?

ME: Annnn orange peel filled with ketchup on a VHS copy of E.T.


ME: Well guess what is for breakfast then. A piece of ham in an envelope that I put in the mail, it should be here in a couple of days.

CB: That is not very convenient ham! What else is for breakfast?

And so one, and so forth, with CB giggling like a baby on America’s Funniest Home Videos the entire time, until I just got up and made scrambled eggs and beans.

But then we tried to do something out in the world..

While at the post office to get an IRD number so we can get some work, the post office employee lost my Canadian drivers license while photocopying it. Not so awesome. After he and the manager looked in the small room where the photocopier was for 15 minutes, they invited us in to properly ransack the place. After moving every piece of furniture and going through literally every scrap of paper we were told to go home, and they would look again on SATURDAY. It bloody vanished. I sat in the car for a while eating the chocolate bar CB had got me to calm down. Then it was off to the police station to file a claim, so that I can still drive in this country. A trip to two different motor vehicle licensing places where I just got sympathetic murmurs and a phone number to call. We used up an entire $20 vodaphone top up calling various consulates and high commissions and bureaus of this and that before going home and eating cheese sandwiches forlornly.

Anyway, we finally called the right number and a lady emailed us a form to fill out, and sent to Palmerston North, and 21 days later we should have approval to turn my photocopy of a Canadian license into a Kiwi one… blah blorgh! So much for a quick run to the post office. We have super luck. So if you’re in NZ, and the post office loses your license, don’t freak out, after 15 phone calls you will get some nice kiwi on the other end who can help. Or just email me, I can cut out the 15 middle-men for you!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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