Its saturday, sunny and seventeen degrees out! Woohoo! I have shorts on and my legs smell like COCONUTS! YAY! I want to eat my own legs! YARM YARM YARM!

CB and I are going into Auckland city central today for a walk about. Its been a while since we had such a warm winter day so we are going to make the best of it. Auckland is full of mental hills so we’re going to use them to create BUMS OF STEEL! Also we might drink a nice coffee maybe. It’s going to be a nice day.

It gets so damn cold here at night now. Last night I had my electric blanket on, and a duvet and the quilt that CB’s mom made us AND a sweater. But then I was so damn snug that I slept for about 12 hours….. eee. But now Im so reFRESHED! And I want to sing songs about everything! I feel like an animal!

Today is the first day I am wearing my favourite new tshirt!

How could that be any more awesome. Bedazzled maybe? If it blew ACTUAL fire? Maybe.

During our walks I like to poke my head into bakeries around Auckland. It looks like most places get their desserts supplied from from the same distributor as its mostly the exact same things. Delicious things, but it gets a bit repetitive. Also, 8″ plain, un-iced cakes run for about $55 and 11″ for $75. I saw a carrot cake, and if you wanted the sides iced as well it would be $125!! Mind boggling. I can’t wait to start baking here. If anyone reading this is from New Zealand, do you have any suggestions for neat little bakeries that are producing their own unique stuff? Id love to check them out!

Also, I may be starting a little job here soon. It’s only 10 hours a week cooking lunch for a group of “debt collectors” and private investigators but that should be really fun.

Alright CB is finally finished cleaning his stink ass so off we go!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

6 thoughts on “Smunch!”

  1. If you are ever in Kingsland which is not far from the CBD, check out The Fridge. They make the most divine pies around and their deli section of wraps and salads are also really good.

    1. We drove to Kingsland first thing this morning, barely being able to contain my piexcitement. We walked into Fridge, and its was PACKED, and a young hip dude in a stripey shirt and hair like a swirly ice cream cone asked us if he could help us. I scanned the pies greedily, and was just about to blurt out madly “TWO MINCE AND CHEESE PLEASE!” when I noticed the price.
      Each! For a pie! A PIE! It’s just a pie.. the mark up on that must be phenomenal. So.. we didn’t get one.. because, as a pastry cook, knowing what things cost, I feel like when someone charges a price so high so something for something so basic, that they must be taking the piss.. and I just cant do it..

      But what I want to know is.. did I miss out? Was it really worth $17.00 for two pies for breakfast? Should we go back?

      1. I’m sorry! I should have warned you! They ARE expensive, but since I always think of those pies as the bar to which all other pies are measured to, I feel like they are worth it. The ingredients used are much better than your average pie so while the mark up is high, their costs are higher too.

      2. It was a bit shocking, but I do want to try them. One day I’ll go back hopefully when it’s not so packed so I can see the deli displays too.

        Do you have any other fav places around Auckland??

  2. Totally going there today, thanks! We recently just discovered Kingsland.. I think it was Kingsland.. we had amazeballs Indian curry and mango lassi from a take away and ate them in the car making inappropriate noises. Can’t wait to try these pies..

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