Desperately Wanting…

Lego Haunted House out in September. Impossibly cool. Bats, boarded up windows, hanging shutters, this was made with nerdy halloween love for sure.


I require this for my future happiness. As a child I would have slit my little wrists for a Lego haunted house, WITH GLOW IN THE DARK GHOSTS, PEOPLE. God. Its stunningly stunning. For $180 you get an entire house, with a whole bunch of skeletons and ghosts and a Frankenstein butler that gets down to groovy records and a cool as fark zombie personal chef to make you snake soups any time you WANT! GOD ITS SO COOL! WHY AM I SO OLD! Its so impractical to be unemployed and in another country and smack down $180 bones for a plastic house. EERRRGGHHH what a conundrum. Indeed.

Please can I have it?

Interior of Lego Haunted House. Look at the spiderwebs and the cool as hell firelace and the creeeepy boudoir and the goblets! GOBLETS!
Glow In The Dark Ghost, Frankenstein Butler, Vampire Dude, Vamp Lady, Zombie Cook! The whole dang fam in the house!
Monster Mashin’
Payin’ the bills, rockin a cape, suckin the blood, mackin the zombs
A dash of live snake. I deeply and desperately want to pretend make tiny lego meals in tiny lego pots and tiny lego pans and feed them to tiny lego people and save the leftovers in tiny lego canisters in the tiny lego fridge!
A womans work is never done. So many sheets to dry and bones to bleach.

Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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