Duck in a Box


We had a very eventful morning.

We rolled out of bed early to meet Rosie for Sunday market good times but we had just gotten on our way when we drove past a black lump in the middle of the road. CB is the king of rescuing animals from the middle of the road (I once watched a snapping turtle lunge 2 feet in the air at him from my rear view mirror) and immediately yelled “STOP!!”. He ran out, before the van had even stopped, and raced back down the road. It was a young duck fellow and he was in a bad way. He had atleast one very, very broken wing. He was black with feathers that glinted with green with a white patch on his chest. He was also shaking like a leaf and bleeding from his eyes and beak. I couldn’t handle it when a little red tear drop of blood dripped onto his broken wing. He was very beautiful. Now he was broken in a pile of feathers and someone just hit him and left him in the road.

CB stood in the middle of the road to protect him while I drove back home to Lawrie, who definitely has rescued his fair share of animals. He was having a nice quiet morning, having tea and reading his 4WD magazines when I show up yelling about some duck in the road. Poor Lawrie. I drove back to CB, who makes a fantastic pylon by the way, and Lawrie soon appeared with a cardboard box full of shredded paper. He checked him out, and placed him gently in to the box and covered up the top. He looked really bad, I didnt think he was going to make it, but just being off the road in a safe little warm, dark place seemed to calm him down and perk him up at the same time.

We took him to the New Zealand Bird Rescue Centre in Titirangi, about a half hour drive away. It’s an amazing place! A couple of weeks ago, Gail and Lawrie found an injured baby Morepork owl on their driveway and took it here to be mended up and taken care of. Their yard was full of ducks and chickens, and they had a bright and vocal Australian Lorikeet at the door to say hello. We handed him to the woman there and she had a look. It was hard to say either way whether he could be fixed or if he had pretty bad internal bleeding at that point, and told us we could keep tabs on him on their facebook page. She said he was a domestic duck hybrid. While I was signing him in to the centre, a large cockatoo with an amazing yellow mohawk kept saying “Hello” to me in a kiwi accent. I said hello, and it cocked its head to the side and said in a cute little voice “how are you?”. It sounded like a cross between our friend Rosie and the pedophile from Family Guy. Hilarious.

Anyway. That’s another thing I love about New Zealand, that animals are so loved and taken care of.

We did finally meet up with Rosie, but she was a lump of sickly snot-girl making tiny trumpet sounds into soggy kleen-ex’s. Poor girl. We took her out for medicinal chili bean pies and ended up having a mini food adventure. We went into New Lynn and ate at Pie-Oh-My which has fantastic, huge, home made pies. Yorm. Rosie munched on an apple crumble tart and we wondered through discount stores and the Indian supermarket. Apparently it had been shut down for health code reasons, but was back up and better than ever! I wanted to buy about a million bags of strangely named snack foods but managed to show some restraint. Rosie held up a bag of U.F.O’s: “Unidentified Flavoured Objects” and I nearly caved. We had a couple of Fijian strawberry popsicles outside in the rain and it was lovely.

As soon as we got home we crashed in bed and Ive just woken up from an extremely warm nap. I think Rosie infected us. Now Im writing this blog. And now Im typing this sentence. And now Im scratching my ear.. and.. yeah I might have a bit of a fever starting. Yay! At least we dont have jobs to worry about calling in sick to! Yet..


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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