Breakfast Time!


This morning CB and I got to feed the animals together for the first time. It was so damn fun.


Making the ducks some “porridge”. You have to make sure the mixture is really wet or the ducks sneeze and choke on it.


Pigs food! There’s two little bins on the counter for food scraps, one is labelled “pigs” and one is labelled “worms”. The worms get tea bags and coffee ground, but the pigs get everything else! Aside from, ya know… bacon, maybe. They got such a treat this morning because we were too full to finish our garlic shrimp last night.



The little spotty one is Poppy and the big blur in the foreground is Caramel.



This is Caramel chowin’ down. He’s pretty serious about his breakfast, and stands on it so it wont get away. Caramel is about 600 years old and looking a little skinny so we gave him a little extra, why not live it up while ya can.



Mmmm munchy munch.


Next up was the ducks! They were pretty damn excited to see that purple bowl. If you look close through the fence you can see two mallards who snuck in for breakfast too.

Little gobble monsters.


While these guy had their grub CB scrambled over the fence to rescue a dove that had gotten stuck in the netted fence over the vegetable patch. It was really difficult to convince it that it actually did want to leave and not spend eternity trying to break its own neck on some netting.


This is Poppy, she’s a sweet girl with a gorgeous smile of crooked yellow 3 inch chompers! She gets all the food in her mouth, chews and then to swallow she leans back on the plank of wood behind her and chills out.

These are the man-sheeps. They are separated from the ladies because it’s baby time. They seem kind of lonely and scared. Except Rolly, who is definitely the leader. I’m scared of him because he seems to like getting behind me and giving me a good knock. So I just puff up my chest and make myself look as big as possible. It works for swans and things…


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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