The World Smells Good

I was a bit sad yesterday when I got emails full of pictures from my mom. Its full blown summer in Canada and I’m missing camping outside on the beach with my cousins and eating hotdogs and going for drives with my mom and dad and boat rides with my gram. It made me feel a lot better when the weather cleared up today and it was sunny and gorgeous. I took a walk around the garden and took some pictures. This is winter!! Look, I picked those today! Off of a TREE! Oranges, grapefruit, bumpy lemons, mandarins and tamarillos. My hands smelled like lanolin from petting the sheep and orange blossoms and lemon skin. Mmm so nice.



The ledge above the sink has these dried flowers from the garden and they are so pretty.


There’s lemon, orange and lime trees out back behind where the ducks lived. They are just about ready to be picked too! The smell in the air around them was amazing.

One of the poodle girls, Sophie and the Cat, Shalimar, having a nap in a spot of sun.

Giant, fluorescent orange tropical flowers.

Some intriguing kind of plant…

Primroses on the hill in front of the house.

A work bench full of pots of plants and containers that catch the rainwater.

Bumpy lemons!

This is the house we’ll be living in until late September. I’m pretty happy here. Especially in the garden on a sunny day.

CB made us an ass kicking roast chicken dinner last night and just roasted up the carcasses with some onions and carrots for me to make a soup stock from. It smells so incredible and is making me hungry for EVERYTHING! Taking pictures of flowers and making soup stock are two of the nicest most relaxing things to do in an afternoon. I’m quite content.

Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “The World Smells Good”

    1. Protea! It definitely is. Awesome, thank you. They are so crazy looking! It looks so primordial, like it was around with the dinosaurs. So cool. And its always, always chock full-o bees.

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