Nibbles & Tummy Rubs

Poppy and Caramel

Yesterday CB and I had to move the cows from the brown top paddock down to the juicy green bottom paddock. This involved me in size 12 wellies trudging up a steed muddy hill to boss five 600lb cows around. It didn’t go as well as we had hoped. First CB had to test to see if the electric fence was actually off.. that was fun. Then it turned out the cows don’t really like us very much, and didn’t think it was necessary to listen to our gentle coaxing, directional arm waving and frustrated yelling tinged with panic. I spent most of the time wedged behind a tree trying to take a video on my iPhone of CB possibly being crushed to death by a really enthusiastic calf. I offered helpful tips like “Take off your jacket! It’s probably too red for them! Watch out the black one’s going to eat you!” And my pictures were blurry due to shaking with cow-fear-terror.

We ended up leaving them in the middle paddock, they seemed at home there, it’s probably better anyway…..

Caramel eating some grass.

But then we got to play with Poppy and Caramel for a bit. I was really wary of them at first, but they are like big hairy dogs and I love them.

The gorgeous Miss Poppy

We bought a bag of nearly spoiled apples from the market and CB had a grand old time pitching them from the driveway all the way into the field so the pigs would find them on their wanders. It would be like a reward for exercise! I don’t know if Id find it awesome or humiliating if I start finding Cadbury bars all over the field…

Snorf snorf

This is a little video of me giving giving Caramel a belly rub. Afterwards he just stayed there and had a nap in the middle of the field.



Shalimar keeping an eye on the ducks.

The ducks having their evening snack. I like to listen to the sound of all of their little beaks snuffling up their pellets, it’s the strangest sound. Unfortunately I sprayed the pellets mostly on the slide so its more like the worst steel drum band in the world instead.

This is Rolly. He’s different from other sheep.

While the others run and hide from people, Rolly runs right up to you to see what is the haps. There was always something I didn’t like about Rolly, something sinister in his beady little sheep eye. The reason he is so different is because he was hand reared by Laurie and Gail before they sold the farm to The Grays. Recently their daughter Yvonne came over to visit and when she went to say hi to Rolly she was confused… that’s not Rolly. The sheep everyone’s been calling Rolly for 5 years wasn’t Rolly at all, he wasn’t even the same kind of sheep. Yvonne thinks he’s a sheep they used to have named Wolf.


He’s a criminal! He’s stolen Rolly’s identity! He’s a Wolf in Rollys Clothing!

Either way, I always sneak him an orange from the orchard. Usually he gets two, one for a snack and one to distract him while I wrangle my way out of the paddock without him nibbling my bum. A couple of days ago I discovered his love of the little red and orange flowers that grow just out of snout reach behind the fence. They are edible and have a smell faintly like capers. They are now all gone.. oops. They’ll grow back!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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