Lazy Bones

Found some sneaky little rhubarbs hiding in the corner of the garden

It’s 6pm.

We had a nice dinner of black angus sausage, kumera & carrot hash and caramelized onions. Yom. The dogs are fed, the cat is fed, the ducks have their night time snack and the pigs are snorfing around in the field happily. The sheep are being sheepish and the cows are giving me the stink eye from half a mile away on top of the hill. The sun is going down, the sky is pink with purple clouds and the air smells like fire and fresh grass.

I just took the laundry off the line to the soundtrack of all the wind chimes around the house lazily jingling in the wind. A strange bird that looked a whole lot like Eugene Levy landed on the tree beside me and sang me a little song that strangely enough sounded a lot like Eugene Levy. Perhaps Eugene Levy protesting being strangled using the power of music. I mentioned this to the bird and it took off. I picked the last half dozen tamarillo’s off the tree behind the laundry line. They have a very unusual taste, kind of a cross between a tomato and a kiwi fruit. I have a pork shoulder in a brine in the fridge for a pulled pork dinner tomorrow and I think the flavour of tamarillos will lend itself really well to a BBQ sauce. I can’t WAAAAIT! I love me some pulled ponk.

Inside CB has a fire lit, which is awesome because its bloody cold here today. It’s not freezing but its a wet cold that gets right in your bones and makes it hard to warm up again. Rosie dropped by today and we had some coffees (we just bought a french press on SALE so great!) and we chatted for a few hours. While chatting I did the laundry, most of the dishes (all except for the 18 mugs lined up around the sink half full of moldy tea). I made some rhubarb compote from the rhubarb I picked yesterday, and used the bright pink juice leftover to make rhubarb lemonade. I even made a quick custard, but wasnt paying attention and just burnt the bloody shit out of it. Oh well. I ate my rhubarb compote on brie instead, WAHAHA! I’m such a fancy bitch.

We took Rosie with us to the grocery store and she got to witness the shame of us buying about 2109283012 sausages. I love sausages. We got angus, venison, and some cheezy ones. And I found german pumpernickle bread! Mmm love that little brown brick of goodness.

So it was a cold and lazy day here today. It was nice. I hope tomorrow is the same. I’ll probably be posting about the tamarillo pulled pork.  Thats it for me!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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