Spicy Chook Boobies

Last night I made chicken breasts stuffed with cream cheese and pickled jalapenos, wrapped in bacon. It was amazingness. My mom showed me a recipe for an appetizer version made with strips of chicken, and Im pretty sure my mom has the picture of it on her desktop because she is the bomb mom. But I dont have time for no strips of chicken, I USED THE ENTIRE BREAST!

Take a chicken breast, slice it in half. Mix cream cheese up with some cumin, paprika salt, pepper and shredded cheese, stuff 2 tbsp inside. Cover in jalapenos. Fold it back up, and tie it tightly together with strips of bacon, wrap it nice and snug and tight so the cheese doesn’t all just melt out. But the cheese that does melt out is delicious anyway. Fry it 2-3 minutes on each side until its brown, chuck it in the oven at 400F until it reaches 160F on a meat thermometer. I put some veg on while the chicken was in the oven and dinner was done in 25 minutes, bingo bango! You can find the original recipe for it over at the most excellent site, Salad-In-A-Jar. So good.


Now, I realize I just told you I ate a cream cheese filled bacon wrapped hunk of meat last night for dinner, but having said it, I am starting my Healthy Health Regime this week. We’re cutting out sugar and bread and upping our protein and good fats. I feel great so far! My energy levels are more consistent. I dont have sugar mania running around doing dance marathons to music in my head and then immediately need a nap anymore! Now it’s actual music Im playing and the dance marathon is for exercise purposes! And its followed by that sweet sweet rush of endorphins instead of a nap. Woot. Ive been signed up to Loseit.com for a while, but I just got back into it to track what Im eating to make sure Im getting enough protein and it helps me from eating all the cakes. My sister is going to join it with me and I WILL CRUSH HER! I WILL BURN MY ASS AWAY AND SHE WILL LOSE! Wahahaha. Its summer in Cananda and winter here, so the bitch has one up on me in that she can go swimming whenever she wants. But I have my trusty K-Mart skipping rope, so we shall see. I WILL SKIP MY WAY TO GLORY!

I also bought a scale (on sale at Warehouse this week, $15!). I’m the exact same weight I was when I left Canada, but I know I gained a lot in between then and now. So we’ll see how it goes. I dont want to be such a chubgirl any more. I’m ready to go. When Im finished Im going to be sexier than that raw, featherless chicken up there.
In another update, we have a new lamb outside in the field! I noticed a brown lump up on the hill this morning when I was out feeding the ducks, and giving them a shower with the hose while they did crazy duck dances for me. It wasn’t moving, so it was either a bunch of dirt or.. maybe something that was going to make me sad to find. I ran and grabbed the binoculars and it was a wee baby lamb! Alive and all! A fluffy black one. Im so afraid the mums are going to reject them, cause Im not totally certain what to do in that case. But after I dropped CB off at work I had a good spy on them from the bushes and it was cuddling with the sheepmum so all is well. Its so exciting to have random babies popping up! There’s 5 lady sheep up there, all mighty pregnant, and the cows may be as well. So, I’ll keep you updated!

I spent my morning today wandering around the mall, talking to old ladies and trying to find the best deals. 99 cent brie! $1 for the worlds largest leek, the thing is at least 2 feet long! And $14 for 2 whole stuffed chickens. $10 for half a kilo of whole almonds. Not too shabs. Since Ive been on my own all day Ive noticed Ive already begun talking to myself. The old ladies in the mall must have smelled the crazy on me and felt we were kindred spirits. They know when Im at home I talk to poodles and clip coupons too..
OKAY IM NOT EVEN MAKING THIS UP. I just googled “crazy old lady poodles” to get a HILARIOUS image for the end of this post, and the 20th picture on google images.. was my blog. The little pumpkin, takes you here, to my blog… Thats so upsetting. Im going to go put on some Beyonce and jitterbug by myself in the living room and pretend like none of this even happened.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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