Funky Flora

Freshly picked mandarins, oranges, bumpy lemons, chamomile and orange blossoms

It’s not raining today! Hoo-Ray!

I took advantage and went plodding around the farm checking stuff out. I filled a basket with mandarin oranges, lemons, oranges and orange blossoms. They smell amazing. I also discovered a patch of chamomile growing around the little mandarin tree and went to work chopping all their pretty little heads off for my tea! Wahaha!

I peeled an orange and shared it with the sheep. They are really shy boys but they are my friends now! Sheeps really like oranges, man. I serenaded the ducks with some George Michael’s “Faith” while I hunted around their yard for any eggs. They just plop them out wherever and I had a dream the other night that there were eggs everywhere! Duck eggs taste kind of weird so I usually just feed them to Poppy and Caramel. This morning the pigs got a ton of veggie scraps in with their regular foods as well as a bag of stale sour cream & onion chips! CB threw them on top of the pantry where I couldnt reach them because I was being like a crazy golem racing around the house hiding out and furiously eating them. At one point I was hiding in the panty scarfing them in secret while he watched TV but he came out to see what I was doing and I just couldnt keep my crunches quiet enough. Sigh. He’s good at protecting me from myself. I nearly ate the entire bag in about 8 seconds. I have no self control. Anyway, I forgot they were up there, and Poppy and Caramel were so happy, crunching their chips this morning. Caramel has a habit of taking out anything he thinks is extra special from his trough and saving it for dessert. Adorable.

And THEN, I did my second favourite thing, and wandered around with CBs nice camera taking pictures of pretty flowers like I’m 8 years old.

Also, this was my 101st.. 101th? That cant be right.. Post! Yay! Thanks for paying attention to me! Without attention, I burn things!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

5 thoughts on “Funky Flora”

  1. I am love with the romantic notion of you skipping around the farm with gumboots on and a basket in hand. Who knew that sheep dig oranges? Not me.

    Duck eggs are expensive here, I’m surprised you let them go to waste! Maybe you could sell them to someone who appreciates them?

    Gorgeous photos. I long for warmer days, but it’s still winter here in New Zealand.

  2. I am also in love with it! It makes me deep down happy to hang out with ducks and eat stuff I pull off trees! It is, darn romantic. Especially if you have a fetish for mud and slugs. After living in the biggest city in Canada for the last 5 years this is like heaven. Definitely more a country girl then a city girl. And I’m definitely, definitely digging the New Zealand winter! This morning I was appreciating the fact I just had to wipe off the foggy dew from the car, instead of shovelling off a foot of snow and then scraping away at the half inch of ice underneath while my fingertips turn black and fall off… much nicer.

    I probably shouldnt be feeding the sheep oranges.. but they are so happy when I do! Its like sheep catnip.

    Duck eggs are weird! Actually, Ive only ever found 1 so far.. and Caramel ate it up. If they start laying more often I’ll collect them and use it to make.. well, probably lemon curd cause I have about 63247934 lemons at my disposal here. Or, if you’re around Auckland, I’ll save them for you!

    1. Oops! I didn’t click you were in Auckland. Or maybe I knew but then forgot again. Sorry!

      We have lots of lemons at the moment too. Pretty lucky to have a rental that has lemons, macadamias and feijoas.

      I’d love to do what you are doing, living where you are living, being one with the earth and all that. I’m in Mt Eden. We have a little bit of grass out the back and I walk everywhere. It suits us for now. But one day, we would love to be outside of it with baskets in hand and lots of animals to play with, including orange-hungry sheep.

      Please don’t be offended by this question, but do you eat the ducks?

      1. Macademias!? That’s mental! Id never had feijoas before I came here and they are pretty damn special little fruits.

        My partner and I are just trying this farmy life out for a while. We’re just farm sitting while the real owners are in Australia for a couple of months. So I’m making sure to appreciate every minute of it. In Toronto we had 2 metres of concrete 8 stories up, covered in cigarette ashes from the upstairs neighbors and my “garden” was a bunch of yogurt containers full of dying cucumber seedlings.. and we were pretty lucky to get that, actually. Soon we will be moving into the basement of a house in or around Glen Eden, but Im enjoying this while it lasts.

        The owners of the farm here don’t eat any of their animals as far as I can tell. The pigs and the one sheep are from a travelling farm truck that went to kids birthday parties and things like that and are about 6 or 7 years old. They are all pretty much pets.

      2. OMG! I want to farm sit. How on earth did you land that? I just told my husband about this and we’ve talked a lot about having our own little plot of land and all the wonderful pets we will have…he said: Do you know how to farm sit? *sigh*

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