The Bees Knees

Bees really do have awesome knees. This bee is about an inch long and shook the whole plant every time he hovered up and landed back down on it. I love me some chubby little bees!

Slurping up all those pollens!

Hes got little spikey grappling hooks for feet! So neat.

So, last night on my way to the market I almost forget to give the ducks their evening snack. I grab a cup of chicken pellets from the barn and sprinkle it over their feet and honking faces. Then I notice there’s only four honking faces..  there’s supposed to be eight. I yell out “Here, duck, duck, duck!” and then call “Nack, nack, nack” cause that is apparently Duck language for “get your asses over here, ladies!” But nothing. So I open up the gate and head down to the sheep paddock. They’re always getting in there. I call out again. Then I see one little duck head bobbing up over the hill from the direction of the stream, followed by three more. Absolutely covered, beak to butt, in mud. Gotcha.

They don’t make even a honk when they pass me back into their pen, like naughty little teenagers caught coming back from the bar by their mum. Then I see two Pukekos and the back end of a giant rabbit race out of the water and into the forest. I totally ruined the party! I gave Rolly a stern look and chastised him for not keeping an eye on things, he’s the boss after all. And I’m not even making this up, he looked at me and then headbutted the lock on the gate, looked at me, and let out a long “Baaaaaaaaah!”. Holy god, who ever said sheep didn’t have brains. I locked up the gate and he continued headbutting it, over and over again.. okay maybe I’m giving him too much credit. CB said this morning that if I opened that gate into a pit of snakes Rolly would go running in head first ‘Yay a new open gaaaate!”.. so yeah..


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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