Bog Trudge

After dropping CB off at work I pulled into the driveway to find a huge rainbow stretching over the house. On one side of the house it was raining, the other it was gorgeous and sunny. The first thing I did was throw on my dirty grey track pants and a pair of steel toed hiking boots and head out into the fields to have a good trundle around. I wanted to explore the pond that is on the shady, forested side of the property. You have to go through 3 gates and deal with Rolly in order to get there so I haven’t bothered much. However, I’ve heard myths of a giant duck eating eel and blackberries so I’m pretty excited to have a better look.

This is Caramel and Poppy walking through their paddock, with their tongues hanging out of their mouths. They are sometimes too much to even handle looking at. They usually spend the morning snuffling about, and then having a long nap in the sun. They know how to live the life.

Sweet smelling orange blossoms, covered in beetles and bees. I love going through the citrus orchard, because the smell is incredible.

Silver ferns blocking out the sun and making it such a nice, cool spot to be walking around in. I spent a while in the marshy forest, picking flowers and little branches of manuka. There was a soft breeze and the only sounds were the stream trickling by and the distant jangle of wind chimes. I did manage to make a pukeko very angry when I strayed too far into his territory though. That was kind of loud.. oops.

Gorse flowers. Spikey and smelling of coconut. Some little finches came to watch me pick the flowers, and eventually some bees came over to see what I was doing too, and I moved on to the next patch of gorse.

Dewy Grass. As I walked, I got used to the feeling of the mounds of grass under my feet sinking a good foot underneath me and the sound of gurgling water. So glad there’s no leeches in NZ.. are there??

Rolly coming to investigate, wondering if I brought him some treats. I like his sheepish smile.

Manuka flowers. I picked some small stems of manuka to make shampoo later, but left the flowers for the bees. My hands smelled like the most expensive soap after that!

All in all, a really relaxing way to spend the morning. Mucking about in nature, smelling smells and eating random plants. I haven’t been able to do that since I was a little girl. It was nice just to be a total hippy for a couple of hours. Now, it’s time for a shower!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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