R.I.P Felix The Fish

An ode to a dear friend..

He lived in a pineapple under the sea. Actually, it was more like a Tupperware container. But the finest Tupperware container anyone could wish to spend 10 years floating around in. The floor paved in sparkling plastic gems in gorgeous hues of greens and blues. He spent most of his time laying on top of a large pink mountain, contemplating life. In later years it was replaced by an awesome Spongebob Pineapple House named Wilson.

Not once did he suffer from fin rot. Not once did he miss a meal. He was always kept in the freshest, cleanest tap water money could buy. He was greeted every morning and evening with a giant, amorphous flesh coloured face smiling at him and a sprinkle of the choicest Betta food balls, his favourite, and only, food. I didn’t know him well, but I remember with fondness the week I babysat him during my sisters move up north. Oh the fun we had, especially when I replaced his fish food with sprinkles! We laughed all night.

Originally from the shallow waters of Thailand, Felix came to Canada during the early years of his life, spending some time in a Dixie Cup in Ontario. He soon was adopted by my sister and lived to be 8 years old. Which is about 186 in fish years. In fact the oldest betta fish recorded lived only 10 years, in laboratory conditions. Thats how good a fish mum my sister is. It cant be said what he thought about during all that time, isolated and alone. I like to think he was plotting revenge against his mortal nemesis; his reflection in a mirror.

I’ll let my sister say a few words..

“I was Ewan Mcgregor and I was a serial kill and my roommate was Morgan Freeman who was also a serial killer, but they were like an old married couple always complaining about not cleaning up after each kill and messing up the living room. So me (Ewan), gets pissy and dumps the bodies in these huge ass drum kit cases, piles them on his bed and lets a homeless man come in and live in his room and just takes off. So Ewan (me) has been gone for like daaays and Freeman is pissed off and says W/E Im done and leaves too. So, these bodies are decomposing on Ewans bed and the old homeless guy wakes up, and it looks like he has diarrhea all over him and his sheets, But! its the cases leaking all the juices all over him and the bed. He slept in it all night!! And assumed it was him that smelled.”

That may have been a dream she had. Probably should have mentioned I was looking for a fond memory about Felix. Regardless, very touching, and a lesson for us all.

He shall be sorely missed.

Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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