List Plans!

How dang pretty is that. Its also totally full of bees.

Today I have a few things on my agenda.

1. Laundry…….. snore. But its been sunny all morning so that means I can actually hang my clothes on the line, which is always relaxing and makes my clothes dry sooo much faster than they would if I just left them in a pile in the machine for a couple days like usual.

2. Pick some dang ol cirtus. Theres 6 or 7 trees full of fruit out there, and Im going to pick me some. Ive been inspired by a comment made by a lady with a very nice blog, Meadowood Designs, to make some marmalade. With whiskey! Or at very least a nice lemon curd. Or at VERY least, some lemonade. We’ll see how gung ho I get. Especially if I crack open that bottle of Canadian Club.

3. Take a trip to the hardware store and buy these things:

  • 2- Wood (maple) cutting boards (approx. 16″ X 9 1/4″)
  • 2-   3/4″ oak dowels cut into four (4) 16″ long pieces
  • 4-  1 1/4″ (#8) stainless steel Philips head screws
  • 4-   stainless steel or nylon 3/8″ flat washers
  • (3/8 is the size of the hole, the washer should be 1″ wide)
  • 4-  Stainless steel or nylon size #10 finish washers

Can you guess what Im making? No of course not, that list is totally unintelligible. A muthafuckin’ cheeeeeese presss y’aaaallllll!
Im so excited. I’m going to follow these instructions here: And then I can make myself some hard cheese. Exciting.

4. Take a bath. Ive got a major case of the stinks. Phoo. Actually maybe thats back up at #1. Seems important some how.

So thats what Ill be up to for the next day or two. I’ll blog about anything particularly industrious and worth sharing.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “List Plans!”

  1. I am so excited for your muthafuckin’ cheese press. Look forward to read about your cheesemaking adventures. I have just 1 tree of citrus and a half bottle of tequila. You have inspired me to make tequila and lemonade today. Oh look it’s only 8am…

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