Baby Cow Friend Times


Laying in the sun like a pig all morning feels the best.

My brain is melted, my body warm, and my skin.. probably going to be pretty red. But it was worth it!

I wandered around to take a few shots of the pigs and saw that the baby cow figured out it’s the only cow that can fit through the pig run into the next field. It had the whole field to itself! Its mom seemed nonplussed about the whole thing, but for the sake of the grass I tried to coax him back. It was curious enough of me to squeeze back through the small gate and see what I was up to with my weird little black box. Poppy and Caramel were having a nap, oblivious to their brand new room mate. I know exactly how they felt.

Bad baby cow hanging out by his lonesome in the wrong field. Poppy and Caramel snoozing in the warm sun.

Thinking about coming back.. assessing the level of Stranger Danger I pose.

Yessss! Coming back in! Good baby cow! I’m like the cow whisperer!

Just standing around, looking at me like I’m the weirdest thing ever. No amount of pandering to his ego could get him to come closer and have a snack of the long grass I was holding out as a peace offering. I will keep at it. He WILL be my friend!

Or she?? Its too weird to check that out and make sure.. either way! I want a baby cow friend to ride around town on, throwing nickels at the laughing faces of the poor below me, bellowing salutations from atop my might bovine steed! Oh fantasies..

Caramel knows what I’m talking about. We’ve both had toooo much sun today…


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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