Mince Pies & Magpies

Such a nice morning.

I’m just laying out here on the deck in a patch of sun, being warm and lazy. There’s a pile of lemon blossoms on my chest and I’m nibbling them like bitter candies. Every so often a breeze waves over me and makes my bare knees chilly, but it brings with it the smell of wildflowers and apple blossoms. There’s a family of swallows who live in the roof of the garage, practicing their acrobatics to my left, like my own tiny air show. They are gorgeous, shimmering blue and puffy red chests. They look just like old sailors tattoos.

I hear a worried whine and put my hand down to find Sophie impatient with me to throw her ball out into the field and alleviate her boredom at having to be a poodle all the time. She’s a fearsome duck huntress at heart. I found out her secret one morning when I came out to find the ducks out of their pen, quacking at me for breakfast. Sophie’s brain went like a switch and suddenly she was dive bombing their very confused duck heads with prowess I didn’t expect from the poodle who’s only hobbies are napping, giving hugs, and licking herself. The ducks were startled.

The house smells of the pork shoulder simmering away in the crock pot since yesterday afternoon. Dinner is done already! Its going to be pork soup if I leave it in any longer. This morning CB and I skipped making breakfast in favour of scarfing down a mince & cheese pie at our favourite bakery in Ranui and a flat white at Millers in town. I had to exercise extreme control not to buy a hundred cream filled raspberry lamingtons. My sweetest kryptonite.

When I got home yesterday morning, the dogs were barking to alert me of a magpie perched on top of the van, trying to get in our sunroof. It was probably after our old pie bags crumpled up full of crumbs in the front seat. Magpies are amazing. I spend a lot of my time here watching them protect their nest in the patch of palms and gorse beside the house. They are just vicious towards this very, very large hawk that is constantly flying the perimeter, looking for a tasty morsel. A scrap of field mouse, maybe a spot of fresh lamb, perhaps some scrambled magpie eggs for breakfast.  I love watching them attack something 4 times larger then themselves with such supreme confidence. This morning one of them was after a fat pukeko, who clearly didn’t even have any interest in their nest and had no idea what to do with being treated so indecently.

I also noticed yesterday that two trees in the orchard here suddenly burst into bloom after the rain. One has little white flowers and one has fuchsia blooms. I think they are apple and cherry trees, but I’m not 100% on that. Either way, they taste nice, and I think I might steep the cherry blossoms in a simple syrup to add to my tea in the morning.

Its already the end of August, which means we only have a couple more weeks left here at the farm. It makes me sad. I will properly miss Poppy and Caramel. Poppy’s little squish face and Caramels wide grin with his tongue forever flapping out the side. I’ll miss the ducks, even though they all have a serious case of the poobrain, they are 24/7 slapstick. And Ill miss wandering around the farm, eating random unidentified plants and being mystified at the farmtime beauty of it all. I feel like I’m just trying to squeeze every last drop of experience before we go. Sometimes literally, theres SO MANY LEMONS! We are definitely moving to the country when we’re grown ups. I want to lay all day in the mud covered in baby pigs, and eating everything that grows around me. Yep. That will be good. I love you NZ!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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