It was a gorgeous sunny day yesterday, so we headed to the beach! Lately on CB’s days off we’ve been heading to a beach and walking barefoot for a couple of hours for sunshine and exercise purposes. Its definitely a work out. I don’t think I’ve ever worked my calve muscles before in my life. Last time we went to Piha, so this time we went to Bethell’s beach. It’s a little bit closer, and usually has less people. It’s a shorter drive, but just as pretty.

That picture is of the side of a little lake that formed over the beach. CB and I pretended we were giants in the grand canyon and smashing huge cliffs into the waters below with our gigantic fists, wahaha. It really did look like proper geological strata, but on a small scale. We were walking beside it, splashing about in the water, and playing in the quicksand. CB stood in it, slowly sinking, rambling about non-newtonian liquids. Nerd. It also made it so that any dogs running around on the beach were at face level to us, and I got to peek over at a couple of curious pugs, and a fat sausage of a collie coming to investigate our bobbing heads.

Farther down the beach we found this wooden staircase up to a little locked platform up on a cliff and climbed to to it. We were hanging out, having a look down the beach, until we realized the tide was coming in pretty rapidly and we should scramble down or be trapped there for the next 6 hours. Phew.

We took a walk through the surf, trying not to look down as the waves pulled back out because it gives me an overwhelming vertigo and I almost always fall directly over. We had to really try to pay attention cause sometimes we wandered too far out and a huge wave would come in and nearly bowl us over. CB said I screamed like a little girl when this happened, but I like to think it was more of a warriors howl. Ya know.. to warn the ocean not to Eff With Me.

We explored some cool caves, and I said hello to a million small dogs. There was a pile of rocks that made it look like a giant rabbit was hanging out on the beach a million years ago pooping all over. We saw a lady riding her horse bareback on the beach with her german shepard in tow and was totally jealous of her life for a few minutes. I found a couple of awesome seashells to send to my sister. The collection is getting quite big, I’m going to have to mail them over in a shipping container if I keep it up.

Next time we go (sunday) I’ll take some nicer pictures.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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