Congratulations to my Elder Cousin Kayt on having her first novel published!!

She was the winner of the 34th annual 3-Day Novel Contest.

Buy her book from Amazon here or Chapters while they are hot and toasty fresh, and support an amazing Canadian artiste!

Music journalist Evan Strocker has almost finished a book about his time with Heidegger Stairwell, a legendary indie-rock band. But the band thinks he’s left a little too much of himself on the page—letting his experiences as a transgender man and his complicated “romance” with the lead guitarist eclipse the story of the group’s dramatic rise and fall. Through notes and marginalia, the musicians argue over their friend’s version of the truth and fight to put their own testimony on record.

Oooh. I bet there will be some steamy, sexually confusing scenes in that one. I can’t wait to read this bad boy, and give a SCATHING literary review, using words like “conjunctive” and “preamble”.  Good one, cuz, now I can say I know a novelist, la la la.

You’re the awesome.

Check out here super sleek website here.

And the 3 Day Novel Contest, right here.

You can also get an eBook copy for 10 bucks, from here.

This is a pic from the book launch party, the most excellent theme cake and cupcakes were made by another talented family member, Maz. Her tumblr is here, even though SHE NEVER UPDATES IT. Have a look, chick is gifted in the art of buttercreams.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.


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