Sprang Oh Mang

Good morning!

I was just out trying to take a few pictures, but it started pissing down within 5 minutes. Argh! Now it’s nice again but too bright, I’ll go on a little expedition again when it gets a bit later in the evening. I’m trying to figure out this camera, so that I can start shooting off of manual. We’ll see how it goes. Here’s a couple of pictures I managed to snap before bolting towards shelter with the camera under my shirt.

Found an egg! The last couple of weeks somethings been getting into the duck pen and smashing all the eggs. Not eating them, just smashing them all over the place. Maybe a hawk? I wonder if the ducks are very bothered by it. They don’t seem to be, they barely seem to notice when they’ve laid an egg. I feel like if I were a duck, it would bother me eating my nice oatmeal slop breakfast next to a bunch of squished up maybe-baby goo all over. Blech.

This is a pretty little blossom on the tree that was marked “peachicot”. Cross between a peach and an apricot I reckon.

An orange hanging out with some butter cups and little blue forget-me-nots.

We had a nice weekend!

Yesterday CB and I drove out to Bethells Beach, and he took me down this path, over a gate, and suddenly we went from forest to dessert! It was where they used to shoot scenes for Xena and Hercules, especially the “travelling from place to place” scenes. I pretended to be Hercules, and CB was my little spunky blonde Yeolas! I expected a gang of roguish highwaymen or a crappy CG monster to jump out at any moment and cause us to use obviously plastic swords on them! All around us there was an epic amount of black sand dunes. The wind blew a fine cloud of sand over our toes as we walked. It had just rained and made it a lot easier to hike it up the sandy hills. We trudged all over, and watched some kids tobogganing down the steep dunes. It looked AWESOME and next time I’m totally bringing my GT!

We eventually got to this lake, but it was too cold to swim in. We followed the creek that emptied into it, all the way back to the car park. Along the way I collected bits of iron ore, onyx and what I suspect to be tiny little bits of orangey ruby in a piece of rock. I spotted a perfectly round rock in the creek and bent down to pick it up only to have it squish poo all over my hands. Damn it.

We followed the creek around the bend, past horses, people dirt biking and kids swimming in the shallow water. We went past this forest of trees with yellow flowers, and they were absolutely COVERED in Tui’s! Cory made a little whistler, and we listened. After a couple more whistles, the eery sound of a hundred tiny little echoes met our ears! IT WAS SO COOL! They copied it perfectly, I had to keep watching Cory’s mouth cause I thought he was still whistling.

I haven’t gone for a proper creek walk in ages. It used to be my favourite thing to do as a kid. Not initially though. My very first creek walk with my mum and Bapa was kind of an ordeal. I freaked the hell out at the thought of muddy water on my clothes and bare feet! AHH! Eventually they coaxed me in, and the water was warm, and clean, and I found a sun bleached crab skeleton on a rock and thought it was the coolest thing ever.. been a creek walker ever sense. Good on my mum for putting up with my tantrums and sticking me in the water. Best thing she ever did. I could have grown up a clean little princess instead of the grubby little retard I am now, covered in mud and mince pie stains!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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