Come, Walk With Me, Won’t You?

I was early picking CB up at work yesterday, so I slowed down my pace to that of a drunken snail and took some pictures! It stretched my 3 minute walk into 15 minutes! That’s some serious heel dragging. So this is my walk up a path somewhere between Newton and Upper Queen Street in Auckland, but I have no idea what the street is called. Its very popular though, and usually covered in runners and mad speeding cyclists.

Some nice smelly fleurs.

A hill where they advertise upcoming shows in Auckland. I guess Green Day is coming. Remember Gomez and Everclear? Them too. Also, Bill Bailey, WEEE!

A tree with a ginger beard.

There are these really nice trees here with little hangy balls on them that I love. They look like they’re decorated with pom poms. hOw festive.

Upon closer examination, they appear to be these little geodesic creatures, like something out of a Miyazaki cartoon. I stuffed a dozen of them in my pockets for inspection later on.

I must have walked the rest of the way with my head down, because all the rest of my pictures are of pretty compositions of garbage. Orange bottle caps and shards of yellow pylon, bits of green glass and the like floating on a sea of pebbles and discarded condoms.

And then on the way home we made a quick stop at our favourite take away for a wee smackerel of tasty to hold us over til dinner. Usually I stick with battered hoki & kumera chips but I tried a new thing called a Sea Dog. Its a crab stick, crumbed and fried, in a hot dog bun with cheese sauce, mustard and onions. Sounds like something you’d get food poisoning from, but it is in fact the pinnacle of take away awesomeness. Mmmmmm seeeeaa doggggg…


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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