We went to the beach. Lalala.

Any week where we can get out for a walk on the beach is a good week indeed.

There were numerous highlights!

We found a dead seal! From far away we were taking guesses as to what it was. A log, a large fish, a legless cat, some kind of montauk monster. It looked like it had been rolling around in the ocean for a fair while before it washed ashore. Yum. That was the first seal Ive seen outside of a zoo or on the pages of google images.

We had a small nap huddled up around one another in the dunes, out of the way of the wind. It was very very cold. We went there expecting bikini babes and beach parties, but it was so cold I wished for ear muffs and there were no other jackasses (read confused Canadian Tourists) around.

We found a few nice specimens of baby periwinkle shells.

We found a strip of nice, warm black sand by a giant lake sized puddle. CB spent about 20 minutes robotically scooping sand on my butt while I laid in the sun.

Ahhhh oddly relaxing. Like the world’s worst spa.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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