Green Thumbs Up

I went grocery shopping today, IN THE GARDEN! While I was feeding the ducks this morning I noticed these weird looking purple-green globes hiding behind some foliage. Upon further inspection they turned out to be gorrrrrrgeous artichokes! I don’t know why I never noticed them before. Its very exciting having reign of someone else’s garden, it’s like finding treasure every couple of weeks. So I raced into the kitchen to get a knife and a plastic bag and went hunting. This is my haul!

5 beautiful artichokes
1 bulb of garlic
6 baby parsnips
A dozen stalks of ruby red rhubarb
Half a dozen oranges
Half a dozen lemons
A couple of limes
A bunch of parsley
A handful of mint
A pocket full of orange blossoms
A tuft of lamb wool

I’m going to seriously miss having a veggie garden at my disposal. I was going to pull a whole ton of parsnips but I didnt want to get too greedy. It’s spring here, so the garden is just starting to get going. I love NZ though, it’s like vegetables get a 5 month head start so the first hint of warm weather and bam– artichokes.

Spring also means, a TON OF EGGS! The ducks are in full production mode. I have about 40 duck eggs now, and thats even with the local hawk helping himself to breakfast every morning. The farm owners are going to come back to a fridge full of goodies, fruit baskets brimming with citrus and a whole basket of eggs. I think I’ll probably make them a couple loaves of bread before I leave so the house smells of fresh baked bread when they get home, and so that they have something to nibble on.

Our friend Elaine came over for a visit and brought me a moon cake! It was lotus seed flavour, with a yolk in the middle, just a little bit sweet, and so pretty. In return we sent her home with all our duck eggs and about 600 pounds of oranges. She’s Chinese and is going to make salted duck eggs for us! And then we’ll have a salty duck egg and beer party!

It takes 2 months, so stay tuned.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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