Smeg Head

I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks, because there’s been some crazy changes!

Firstly, our farm sitting time has sadly come to an end. I’ll miss that hairy guy up there. Not so much the poodles.. or the cat. Two days before we left the farm, the cat decided to pee on the powerbar that every piece of computer equipment in the office was plugged into. Shockingly (ha! Pun!) she didn’t die, but there was smoke, and horrible burnt cat pee smells, and a whole bunch of fuses blew.. fun.. We spent our last few days cleaning like champions, the house was a shining beacon when we left. I used nothing but warm water with a drop of dish soap and sodium carbonate crystals to wash everything and that combo was like magic. I was so thankful to Trevor and Mary for giving us such an awesome opportunity to live their lives for a couple of months, but it was kind of nice to move on to our next stage of life here. Which had one major benefit, and something we havent had since January.. our very own room!

We moved in with Rosie and John 2 weeks ago, and became their wacky foreign basement flatmates. The house is on a quiet street off Henderson Valley Road. We have a huge deck that Lorrie just finished rebuilding, a nice kitchen upstairs, a fluffy white cat named Wyatt and a lemon tree! There is also a peacock somewhere in the neighborhood. I thought it was a monkey, and was briefly terrified. I hate monkeys.. We have a little pink room, stuffed with some donated furniture and… a SUPER KING SIZED BED! Brand new, still in the plastic, off trade me for $50. Amazing.

And, most importantly, I also got to fulfill a life long dream of mine.

My parents know all about this dream.

I finally, get, to have my very own fridge, IN MY BEDROOM. I know, it’s a fat girl thing. BUT IM SO HAPPY! My dad always said of me, “For Kara, home is where the fridge is”. He also said “Kara, the floor is not a shelf” but its the largest flat areas in here, soooo it totally fulfills the criteria of shelf for the time being. Some people are happiest when their bed is made, some people with a clean bathroom, or a sink that isn’t full of dishes.. but I really am happiest when I have a clean and tidy fridge fully stocked with food. CB rolls his eyes. I have a dozen pictures on my phone of particularly nice shopping days when the fridge is all packed with healthy colours. LOOK! Here’s one of our last apartment:

One of the most beautiful sights in life..fresh veg, cream, eggs, jars of home made jams and tomato sauce and meat wrapped up neatly in pink butcher paper. Extremely satisfying. I may have some kind of strange refrigerator fetish.. hm..

I dream of one day owning a Smeg fridge. They are beautiful, and I am a total smeghead. But due to debilitating poorness, we instead turn to Trade Me! We had the winning bid in two fridges, one a little metallic grey Toshiba from a super friendly Thai family for $20, and the other..  a 1960’s Fisher & Paykel named Leonard! Guess which one we’re using..

GORGEOUS! Okay so, a bit rusty, but it runs like a champ, and has an awesome chunky handle and sexy curves! Its heavy and overbuilt and I love it. Apparently the fellow we bought it from was using it as a beer fridge and originally bought it off a famous Kiwi race car driver in the 70s. Today CB bought some rubber tubing and replaced the seals on the door. The original rubber seals had hardened and were cracking off. When we get a bit of money saved CB is going to take it out to the yard, and spray paint it that light turquoise colour of old milkshake machines. I love it SO MUCHHHH!!

Tomorrow Ill take some pictures of our room, which is very pink and cozy.

The other big thing that changed, is that I started my new job! Its very different working at such a big hotel, but I’m getting my bearings and I’m really excited about it. We are severely understaffed and running without a head and sous pastry chef, so I’m trying to hold down the fort and instill confidence and enthusiasm in the frustrated, stressed out remaining staff members. Our head chef is coming in from Germany in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait for her to take the helm. Our sous chef will be coming from Portugal if I heard right. Ive gotten to work with a number of culinary students already in my first 2 weeks and that is my favourite part so far. We have a nice girl named Michelle from the Philippines, a hilarious flight attendant from India who is passionate about being a great pastry chef, and my new friend, a really sweet and tiny Japanese lady. She has converted to Islam because her husband is from Pakistan and they have three young daughters together. They are in New Zealand because they are afraid to bring their daughters up in Japan because of all the radiation. I loved working with her, she was so soft spoken, and watching her standing on top of a wooden crate in order to be tall enough to stir a giant pot of cream for creme caramels was adorable. Its a real global team!

So that’s the last couple of weeks for us. We’ve also eaten some freaking awesome food. CB showed me the magical yum that is Donburi! OHMYGODSOGOOD. We had truly excellent New York style pizza in the CBD called Sal’s Pizza. We had crazy good Thai food at The Thai Kitchen in Henderson and I discovered my love for NZ scallops. But mostly… a lot of pies.

In the next couple of weeks we’re working on getting CB a motorcycle and his license, and Im just going to try not to die at work!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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