OMG so psyched for the new Wolverine movie! Hugh Jackman, more like HUGE, JACKED MAN! Am I right?

I have to go to work in an hour so instead of doing something productive, Im dicking around on the internet watching Japanese cat videos and laughing like an asthmatic. Today is my first 2pm-10pm shift, and it will mostly involve making crepes and waffles for the masses. REALLY desperately not looking forward to that.


I doubt many people will be treating themselves to a waffle buffet on a wednesday night so it shouldnt be too bad. I just hate making small talk with buffet patrons. They get this crazed glazed look in their eye.. buffets really bring out the darkest parts of humanity. A pregnant lady grabbed a creme brulee out of my hand 2 days ago, then realized how crazy she just looked, laughed nervously and backed away… oy veh.

So I dont know how productive my blog is going to be, lately I’m so beat from work I just sit in random parking lots with CB shovelling take aways into our gobs while staring slightly to one side and thinking very slowly about how best to make a tie dyed marshmallow…. fnnerggg..

BUT I did get to have coffee with CB this morning before work which is always the nicest part of the day! And it’s my darling sisters birthday and I got to see her very briefly before she ran off with friends to eat ice cream and poutine like a proper fuckin’ birthday girl! AND I got to talk to my mum on skype for a good hour yesterday which was really nice. And right now I have time to type one! Just sitting here listening to the wee kids next door sing nursery rhymes in their little kiwi voices. Adorable. I’ll just have to make some time.

So.. see ya round, kid. It’s been real.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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