The Grand Tour

Dooodaloodadoo! I love that little strawberry angel man so much.

Today was my day off! I got to hang around and have awesome seafood Donburi lunch with CB while he was at work! Afterward I wandered around the city. I peeked into shops, and looked at stuff, and things. I went into a fancy pants department store here called Smith & Caugheys and wandered around filling it with my farts. I squeezed about $75 worth of expensive hand lotions onto my hands. Now my fingers feel like a babys bottom! Smooth.. ya know.. I also discovered an entire Japanese mall! Full of Japanese people and Japanese things for them to buy! Shiny things, with cute faces on them! It was pretty great.

I came home and decided to take some pictures of our new crib. Voila…

That one up top  is a windowsill where I gather my random assortment of small animal figures, cool shells, neat rocks, small collection of glow-in-the-dark dolphins and foldable stabbing knife!

This is our little kitchen-esque area.

This is our awesome coffee making area. It has some sugar, an Octopus mug, a green bee mug, and lemons from the lemon tree at the side of the house!

Some Tui beer bottle cap magnets CB made me, and a little glass pineapple, and a postcard from J-Van!

Kitchen counter.. made out of a cardboard camping table, covered with an army surplus towel… it works well enough.

This is our $50 king sized bed! It just squeezes into the room. Thats the quilt CB’s mum made us with her blood, sweat and tears, literally, before we came to NZ. Its kept us cozy warm everywhere we’ve lived.

Some nice plaaaaants outsssiiiiide! And our fancy wardrobe full of dirty laundry!

A lovely dresser donated to us by Gail and Lorrie, some kleenex for anti-snots, some books on being a super great manager and the infamous framed puzzle of a kitten being sleepy from reading a book.

THIS IS THE HEDGEHOG TREE! Does anyone know what this is? The first time I saw it was during the evening and I was 100% certain it was a tree covered in hedgehogs.

They are soft, spikey little tube things that turn green and flower.

Lemon TREE! I always want to have a lemon tree wherever we live, it’s so handy.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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