Marshmallow Dreams

Giant palmiers and tea in my owl present mug


I just slept for 3 hours in the middle of the day. Hump Hump HUMP!

In my dream Rosie was teaching me how to make pastel marshmallows using this strange extruding machine and I kept fucking it up. But we lived in this lilac coloured Victorian mansion with butterflies all around it so it was all good at the end of the day. BUT then I made the mistake of going to sleep in my dream, and I woke up in a different place, and realized I was dreaming! I furiously tried to conjure up filthy deviant sex acts because I knew controlling your dreams only ever lasts a blink of an eye before everything sinks back into randomness, and my subconscious is a super perv.

One lump or two? TALK ABOUT TEABAGGING, etc etc

I tried to conjure up Fox Mulder from that episode of X-Files where he is messily eating sunflower seeds and Scully looks at him with disdain. So that I could see them both out of those shoulder-padded Armani trench coats and MAKE THEM KISS and fulfill my greatest adolescent fantasy (don’t you dare judge me, Scully!)

But suddenly these monster hairy elephant legs crashed down in front of me and I had to run and I was like MOTHER EFFER this is definitely back to a dream again.. ah well, maybe next time. Anyway, that’s what the internet + photoshop + all my free time is for.

Damn it, Mulder! That was my finest BONE china.

Also check out my sweet new kicks!

Modelling CB’s $5 German Army issued spatz!

They were on sale at a fancy people shop and they came in a huge bag emboldened with the shops logo. I trundled around downtown with this giant bag like a rich girl, and no one knew that in reality the bag was full of $8 Iron Man t-shirts and dirty flip flops. Wahaha.

Without the spatz.

Seriously though, $8! And I also got this t-shirt with a lady in a sparkly pink bikini wearing a giant furry panda mascot head. So fancy. The boots are great, green leather outside, blue leather inside, all rubber and thick thread. I like’m. It was awesome to find something so my style next to a pair of rubber Vivienne Westwood heels with giant shiny hearts on the front and sequin covered Uggs. No wonder they were on sale.

It was a pretty brutal week at work, but I was rewarded with some overtime which is not even in my contract woohoo and, even woo-y-hoo-ier, 4 days off in a row! CB also got me a present for working so hard! An awesome little yellow owl mug from a Japanese store, and a litre and half of ginger ale. I laid in bed sipping it out of the owls cute little face and talking incoherently to the rhythm of my throbbing feet. Oy veh.

Its been a long week for CB too, he’s been working long hours as well. So we decided that Sunday was for noting giving a heck and we spent it eating at our favourite places, La Tropizienne French Cafe in Browns Bay and Sals Pizza in the CBD. We brought Rosie & John back a little box of treats because it was Rosies grandma’s favourite place and she used to bring them their when they were little girls. It was Rosie who brought us there originally where we had brunch on CB’s birthday. Their custard doughnut is what pastel marshmallow dreams are made of. Literally I think. CB had a great big breakfast and I had a meat pie followed by a chocolate religieuse, a VERY large florentine cookie and we split the doughnut. At Sal’s for lunch we shared a giant NY style pizza covered in sausage and olives, mmbaby. So much goodness.

Now Im having a little snack of creamy tea and GIANT palmiers from La Trop the size of my fucking head. Yeah I’ll eat them both, ain’t nobody’s bidness.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

4 thoughts on “Marshmallow Dreams”

  1. You have excellent taste and I love your mug. Gift mugs are wonderful. I have a mushroom shaped mug with a red and white toadstool lid that my sister got me so it’s precious. I use it at work every day. Everything tastes better in precious mug.

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