Stinky Daisy

Did you ever play that game as a kid, where you hold a buttercup underneath your chin to see “Who Likes Butter”? If made a yellow reflection you liked butter! WTF, kids.

Having left Old Bula in the capable hands of our mechanic Hans, I found myself with a few hours to kill today. I was pretty much confined to a half kilometre radius so I took a wee walk down Swanson Road to see the sights!

First stop was for some coffee at the Redwoods cafe. It’s been ages since CB and I had coffee there so it was nice to go back. I figured I could kill at least an hour there. I took some notes on some dessert ideas Ive bee having lately. I have piles of notebooks filled with phrases like “fennel pollen ice cream??” and lists of flavours for unborn macaron babies. Years from now when I pick them up they will make absolutely no sense to anyone, especially me. But it’s satisfying on some weird, anal retentive, level.

I secretly watched an old lady devour a plate of eggs benny by herself. She was all dolled up and tucked a paper napkin into the neck of her shirt before she ate. Something about watching a very ancient person enjoy food by themselves gives me emotions.

A duck came and sat with me, hoping I would share my coffee with it. Every so often one of the cafe employees would come out and clap her away, and she’d come back a few minutes later with another duck or two. Eventually there was a whole flock of hungry ducks and I was about to order coffee #3 when I decided that was probably my cue to go.

I wandered to this little shop I’ve been meaning to go into for months now. It’s called Retro something or other so it immediately pique’d my interest. It was awesome! So many cool old dusty ass things inside. I could have easily spent all our money on quirky lamp shades and retro clay tea pots. Also, SUPER racist black people dolls and ash trays, whats up with that NZ?


But I controlled myself. I haggled 2 beautiful cake books into my life though! A Wilton Cake Decorating book from 1960, and a collection of 100 favourite cake recipes from Australian Women’s Weekly. I sat in the sun with my bum in the wet grass and read my books. It was nice. Around me where buttercups, dozens of sparrows and hundreds of little stinky daisies peeking out at me from the grass with their gross yellow eyes.

 I hoarded all my Nanny’s recipes, but I don’t know what grandmas in this hemisphere used to bake so its research! I remember going through my nans old cookbooks, and they had already started to get warped colours so everything had that real 60’s and 70’s look to it. Kind of faded colours of avocado green and purple and turquoise. I still remember this one cake that was a really terrifying clowns face with an upside down ice cream cone for a hat. And the look of canapes in cookbooks from the 60’s is amazing. I could wallpaper my bedroom with pictures of 1960’s hor d’oeuvres, devilled eggs and pimento olives and radishes cut like roses and everything looks like a diagram of an atom. It all looks like wayyy too much work.

Kind of like these cream cheese canapes..


Check out that funky guitar cake, its wild. “Handsome cake, from a clever cake pan!”


This is my favourite cake in the book. I think that would be awesome to make today.

Something slightly sinister about this… Sorry it;s sideways, my photo editor is being a butthole. Just hold your lap top or monitor sideways and you’ll get it.

Don’t know why, but I have a fetish for wishing well cakes..

Now I’m off to have lunch with CB! See YA SUCKERS!

Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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